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Free Windows 8 & Windows 10 Registry Cleaner

If you are finding ways to get your Windows 8 (8.1) and WIndows 10 registry errors fixed, then you can use Registry Recycler to get the job done.

Registry Recycler is a free registry cleaner for Windows 10 and Windows 8 (8.1), which is fine when it comes to cleaning registry. This freeware registry cleaner solidly and deeply scans through Windows 8 and 10 registry areas in order to find and fix issues. The software also work with equal satisfaction in Windows 7/Vista/XP.

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Move forward with this piece of editorial to know more about the features, purposes, and paybacks of this registry maintenance tool.

Scans/Repairs Windows 8 & Windows 10 Registry – This is the foremost purpose of Registry Recycler, which aims to monitor, test, and rectify the registry libraries. Registry Recycler has the ability to search through different places within the registry and discover the elements that could prove threatening to the performance of your system. Doing this manually would require high level of expertise and weeks of time. However, this small sized application performs it for you with accuracy within minutes. The software repairs registry in order to ensure your system does not stuck and hang because of invalid entries. All the corrupt entries will be repaired and invalid will be removed. This will ultimately make system run smoothly.


Defrag Windows 8 & 10 Registry – Windows 8 & 10 registry has a characteristic common to its previous versions. It gets fragmented overtime. The more time spent; higher will be the data fragmentation level. So, whenever you perceive that the system is taking long in finding and launching applications, defrag your registry with free Registry Recycler’s Defrag utility. It defrags the entire registry in order to organize scattered keys. As a result of registry defragment, your programs will load even faster. In addition, your Windows 8 & 10 will speed up ultimately.


Is it Safe Enough? –  Yes !  Registry Recycler is considered among the best and safest registry cleaners. You can always “Undo Changes” and “Verify Entries” in order to go back to older settings. This can be done by using its “Backup” feature which automatically stores your older registry setting when you click “Scan“. So simply use this feature if you need reverting to older settings.


Disable Windows 8 & 10 Startup Applications – Besides the conservation of registry, Registry Recycler performs value added task by limiting your startup phase and enable a fast boot. You can easily view and pinpoint the unnecessary applications that load up while your system boots. This interface lets you to stop these applications to do so and makes Windows 8 & 10 to boot faster.

 How to Disable Startup Programs in Your Windows 8

Completely Free – Yes ! Instead of all these useful and valuable functions, Registry Recycler does not charge a penny for its services to fix Windows 8 & Windows 10 registry errors. You can download its lightweight installation package absolutely free.