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How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073b01

Windows Defender is an essential part of Windows which keeps your system protected against viruses and malware attacks. However, the problem seems to initiate when itself is being attacked due to misconfigured files, viruses, or corrupt files data.  Luckily, there are several ways you can try out to fix Error Code 0x80073b01  of Windows Defender. Given below are a few methods to resolve it:

Edit Registry

The error code 0x80073b01 generally appears  due to corrupted installation of security of essentials. To resolve this corruption, do the following method:

  • Open Windows Registry Editor: Press Windows Key + R to open Run, Type Regedit and hit Enter
  • Now navigate to following keys and delete msseces.exe:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Image File Execution Options\  ” and delete the entry msseces.exe and
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun” and delete the entry msseces.exe.
  • Restart the computer and now you will be able to open Windows Defender/Security Essential

Repair Registry

Since you have made changes to the registry, it is important to ensure everything is done accurately and it is free from any orphaned entries. For that purpose, it is useful to scan through entire registry and fix any errors present in it. Using a useful free tool such as Free Registry Recycler can help this cause. Use it to find and fix errors in the registry. This would not only repair the corrupted entries but also give boost to PC performance.

Run System File Checker

The System file checker scans through windows files and verifies the integrity of files important to system. Running it not only finds through the problem but automatically repairs. To run System File checker do as directed:

  • From a search window type cmd, right click cmd and select run as administrator
  • In the command window, type sfc/scannow and enter
  • The scan should hopefully complete and advise it has fixed some corrupt files
  • Try opening Windows Defender from the Control Panel again

Remove Malware or Other Infections

The error originally appears due to an undetected virues or malware that stops defender or security essential serivce to initiate any further. In such scenario, the ultimate solution is to remove the infection using any other reliable security program.  We suggest you either Kaspersky or McAfee to completely scan the system against malwares and viruses. But be sure you scan your system while in SAFE MODE.


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How to Fix Registry Errors For Free


Windows Registry is a database in Microsoft Windows Operating System. It accumulates and stores the information of all the registered and third party applications, device drivers, and user settings. It galvanizes as soon as the operating system boots and loads the startup utilities when the user logs in. It has the ready access to all the required files to run a program. Every manipulation in software/hardware settings and preferences is noticed, verified, and registered in the Windows Registry. As a base, Windows Registry has five predefined root keys, stated below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE            Settings precisely of local computer

HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG          Information gathered at runtime

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT                  Information about registered applications

HKEY_CURRENT_USERS          Settings of currently logged-in user profile

HKEY_USERS                                         Settings of each user profile


These Registry Keys are kind of vessels that contain cluster of Registry Values. Values are then, non-containers and are directly executable files.

Some hives are automatically loaded (those stated as startup utilities), while others are held on standby, until the user commands them to open by launching a specific application.

Registry ERRORS

It was expressed that the windows registry keeps on gathering information and continuously records this information in the form of keys and values. With the installation of new applications, new values are generated and kept in the registry. When uninstalled, the same applications might not be able to clean these values. Due to this characteristic of Windows Registry, it keeps on increasing its size. If this process is carried out constantly, a point comes, when the registry is overloaded and cause inconveniences in running certain applications. To avoid such consequences, the registry must be timely visited and cleared from the unused and unwanted values. In case of non-compliance, the applications will take superfluous time to load the required programs and will result in delayed processes.

Another issue with Windows Registry is the fragmentation of information. Applications, when installed, create relevant registry keys and values, and when uninstalled, wipe out the same keys and values, respectively. The elimination of registry values creates a vacuum space between the clusters of information, forming fragments. On a command of user, when a specific program is desired to execute, the system crawls through the windows registry and arranges the required files in a sequence, to be executed. In case of fragmentation, the system experience break ups, while passing through the vacuum spaces between fragments of information. This causes the system to take an elongated time to prepare, and run that specific program and makes the process slow.

FIXING Registry Errors

It is obvious that the Window Registry must be cleaned and refreshed for a suitable operation. Due to unknown reasons, none of the Windows version provides the utility to perform this task. To do so, third party applications are consulted with. While surfing the internet, a user may come across to many adverts offering to perform this duty at discounted rates. It is to notify the general user to beware of such deceitful assurances. Many third party applications are easily available for such assistance, without costing a penny. Among which, Registry Recycler is a notable one. It is a lightweight application, easy to download and install. Via an easy step, its strong scanner examines and detects problematic and corrupt keys and values within minutes. When the scanning is done, a summary of errors is generated and displayed for detailed review, if required. Eventually, the user is manually asked for the further instructions, whether to fix these errors or ignore them.


Registry Recycler also helps defragmenting the problematic fragmentations on the registry. With two simple steps, the Registry Recycler analyzes the registry to detect the possible empty spaces and then eliminates these spaces by performing the defrag process.

These were some simple and easy ways, which not only fix the registry and eliminates the errors, but also boost up the performance of an operating system, as clutters of unsolicited information is erased to create room in the primary memory.

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How to Clean Windows 8 Registry

repair-registry-windows8 In these days internet is buzzing with Windows 8 all over the time. People are buying new PC’s and upgrading their old computers to Windows 8 OS. However, important thing that you should know when you are upgrading to Windows 8 OS “In order to keep your Windows 8 PC performance smooth and fast you have to do the regular maintenance of your PC.” Do not forget it. In regular maintenance, you have to clean the temporary files and folders that are left over during the installation process of Windows 8 apps and desktop software applications. Even, Microsoft Windows 8 is incredibly fast when compared to older versions of Windows but it also need some cleaning and registry repair software to keep its speed fast and stable.

Watch this Video, if you need to know how you can fix Windows 8 registry errors using this free windows 8registry cleaner.

Although cleaning and removing, the unneeded and temporary files can be done by opening temporary files directory and deleting them but there are other things in your system with matters for your computer’s speed and performance. For example, Windows registry. Everything you do on your computer system is stored in Windows registry regardless of the Windows version you are using. Whenever you install an app or software on your Windows 8 system, registry entries are create by Windows 8 and stored in Windows 8 registry. Registry entries are the footprints of everything you do on your Windows 8 computer system. Every installed app or software, surfed website and change you do on your operating system in stored in windows 8 registry. Now you can imagine how many of these registry entries exist in your Windows 8 registry if you consider each and every operation you do on your Windows 8 system.

The problem with the Windows series of operating system is that these registry entries keeps pilling up, and Windows 8 do not have built-in registry cleaner software to delete and clean the ones that are no longer in use. So as the time passes these absolute entries grows up in so huge number that they can now affect the performance of your computer system.

How to clean windows 8 registry

Before I explain, you have to clean your Windows 8 registry, a word of advice: be careful what you are doing if you delete the wrong entry from the Windows registry then it could be disaster’s and results in the corrupting your Windows 8 OS. There are a number of ways for cleaning your Windows 8 registry. You can clean the registry by using the built-in Windows 8 tools or by taking the advantage of the development of registry cleaning software applications by third-party software vendors.

For cleaning registry by Windows 8 build-in tools, you can use Windows 8 registry editor. By opening registry editor, go to run and type “regedit” in it. Registry editor opens on your screen. You can now search for entries in the registry and then can change or delete it. This method of cleaning registry is very difficult. The best way of Windows 8 registry cleaning is by using the registry cleaning software application. Just download and install it on your computer, it will find the invalid keys from your registry and speeds up your Windows 8 PC.

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Dealing With Most Common Windows 8 Errors

You may not optimize windows 8 if you consistently experience errors in your operating system. However, it is a new operating system so chances are there to get surprised with errors. Do not get obsessed, here are bunch of common errors and their solution:


Error code 0xc00000e9

While upgrading from Win 7 to Win 8, you may encounter Error code 0xc00000e9

Try following steps to get this error fixed

  1. You may encounter, if you have removed a removable storage device while it is working.
  2. Click on start button and type “cmd”. Type C: it will be shown like this C:\>, if not type cd.. to get out of the directory until you reached C:\>. Now type chkdsk/r
  3. go to manufacturer’s website and update BIOS
  4. Revert back to settings prior the error

Error code 0x00005D

If you are trying to install windows 8 and put bootable disc in it but get this error code 0x00005D and it prompts you to restart your pc. Even then problem persists. Following are the reasons:

  1. Windows 8 OS DVD
  2. System does not support windows 8
  3. System is not configured up to windows 8 minimum hardware requirements
  4. Windows 8 setup has some corrupt files
  5. Any hardware failure or internal error

You can install windows 8 after resolving these issues.

Error Code 0xc0000001

There is no need to freak out to see this error. You can fix it in a quick and easy way.

If you are experiencing Code: 0xc0000001 warning message, then follow the steps as given below to get rid of it.

  1. Shutdown your system
  2. Start your pc, as logo screen appeared press SHIFT and f8 key immediately and it will take you to Recovery and then select See advanced repair option
  3. Locate Choose an Options click Troubleshoot
  4. Click Advanced Options and click Windows Startup Settings
  5. Now click Restart. It will repair without any changes in in your files and folders.

If problem, persist then following tips would be helpful

  1. Replace or insert disc / USB in appropriate place
  2. Forcefully restart your computer by pressing (ALT+CTRL+DEL)
  3. Let your system automatically repair and you just hold on.

Error Code 0x800F0906

While installing Microsoft dot net framework 3.5 on windows 8, you may encounter Error Code 0x800F0906. Usually we came across this issue because of network proxy, firewalls. To resolve issue you can try following steps.

  1. Go to desktop and open My Computer
  2. Insert installation media and right click on windows 8 client ISO
  3. Click Start on taskbar and type cmd
  4. Type Dism/online/enable-feature/featurename:NetFx3/All/Source:<drive>:\sources\sxs/LimitedAccess and press Enter
  5. Eject windows 8 media and install windows live component
  6. Go to Start button click All programs and click Windows Update
  7. Restart you pc and install Microsoft dot net framework 3.5.

Looking for software to optimize your Windows 8? Click here to optimize registry of your system.

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Clean Registry To Run Your System Smoothly

Registry is found to be most mysterious thing on internet. Today, I will make it clear to you what it is all about, how it works, and whether you should bother registry cleanup. It has been misunderstood since the inception of Windows.

Like virus and malware, registry itches Windows performance. Due to this, your operating system can become problematic and slow. Therefore, to keep your PC errors free and run faster, you must clean up your registry to keep it error free. With careless installation of crap software, toolbars and other unnecessary software, system get overloaded and leave too many registry keys. Anything, that you perform on your computer like installing and uninstalling it correspond with registry in your PC. Over the period, entries become corrupt and cause system slowdown and other damages. Since most of the application does not cleanup after they have uninstalled and leave key as it is in your system.

I am wonder, why Microsoft does not allow users’ to cleanup registry. Yes, do not ask me why this is so. So move on, and have a reliable and safe registry cleaner to free your system from registry issue. Beware of million freeware available online. Use trusted freeware instead of any freeware. It can be installed in just a while and clean your system in few seconds.

You can defrag your registry files by registry cleaner software. It can then, read and writes registry files easily and quickly. Therefore, in this way, you can gain performance. Reality is that it’s not just registry defrag that can boost your system speed.

When you are looking for freeware registry cleaner, make sure to check following points:

  • It should have positive user reviews
  • Realistic number of errors (i.e.; in hundreds)
  • Back up before applying any changes

Not many, but few software fulfill this criterion. You can Google it,type free registry cleaner or free registry recycler etc.

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Windows Errors – Find and Fix Them Quickly

computer_slowing _downIf your PC is running slow and you are receiving Windows Error messages. Then you need to take action to find the reason of these errors and then fix these errors. If you do not fix these errors, the situation will become worst. The most common cause of these Windows error messages is problem with the registry. By cleaning junk, clutters and spyware from the registry you can speed up and optimize your PC.

The registry stores data about software, PC and hardware installed on your system. Registry is the heart of Windows operating system. If it is filled with errors, then it will slow down your PC. In some cases PC is unable to boot at the startup. Sometimes spyware and malware get attached to the registry, which results in the slow performance of your PC. If these spyware and malware are not removed from the registry, they will harm your PC.

For removing and fixing Windows Errors you have to fix your computer registry. There are two methods for fixing registry. The first one is to find and remove these errors manually. The second one is to use software for removing these errors. I will recommend you the second method because manually finding and removing registry errors is impossible for a normal computer user. Only computer experts can do that. Clean-up of your computer registry will help you to speed up and optimize your PC.

Nowadays, a number of registry scanner software are available online. They will automatically find and fix registry errors and also remove any spyware and malware attached to your computer registry.

I hope that the above written lines will help you to remove common Windows Errors.

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How to Find Registry Errors in Windows 8?

Find registry errors in Windows 8

Find registry errors in Windows 8

Some people may be unfamiliar with Windows registry, and they do not know what registry errors are, and how these errors can affect the performance of your PC. Do not worry! I will tell you in detail what is registry? How to find registry errors? How to fix these registry errors? For the sake of improving the performance of your computer.

The Windows registry is a database of files containing information of almost everything that occur on the PC, from a visit to a web portal to the installation or deletion of any program.

The registry also contains information about device drivers and other necessary programs, like DLLs. This information is stored in the form of “keys”. These keys help programs run smoothly. It’s like a big blueprint for Windows operating system to run smoothly. A registry may have hundreds of thousands of keys and new keys are added to it all the time. As it fills with more and more keys it can suffer the performance of your computer. The biggest problem with Windows operating system is that it never removes registry keys even if a program is removed from the computer. The registry keys of uninstalled programs which are present in registry are now pointing towards the programs which are not present in the computer causing registry errors. These errors can results in the slow computer performance, BSOD (blue screen of death) and PC crashes.

So do not tolerate registry errors. To find registry errors you need a registry cleaner tool. There are a number of registry optimizer tools available online. so, download a safe registry cleaner. Now find and fix registry errors causing slow computer performance.

I hope that this article will help you to get a free safe registry cleaner for Windows 8.