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Windows 8.1 does not Wake Up From Sleep – [SOLVED]

While Windows 8.1 has hit the most numbers of downloads as compared to Windows 8, it has also posed a high number of errors and issues to those having it on their systems. Microsoft forums are flooded with complaints of having different type of performance issues with Windows 8.1.

One of these issues, most people are facing is “Windows 8.1 not waking up from sleep”. Many people seem to be complaining where PC does not wake from sleep at all no matter what keyboard button you hit. And thus, requires them to unplug/shutoff the system to restart in the normal functioning mode.


Though, the issue has aroused in former versions too, but with Windows 8.1 users it is frequent. Following can be the most likely reasons why laptop refuses to wake up from sleep:

1.      Any recently installed third party program/app

2.      Outdated drives of chipset drivers


Following are the recommendations to try as a fix to this issue:

Update Chipset Drivers

Foremost thing is to try bringing up to dated chipset drivers from the manufacturer’s website or from Windows Update and check if it helps.

Set Power Management

Adjust power management of mouse and keyboard by unchecking the “Allow this device to wake the computer”. Here is how to do it:.

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list
  • In Device Manager, look for Network Adapter, Mice and Keyboard (Select One by One not at a time).
  • Right click the Network Adapter and click Properties.
  • Click Power management.
  • Uncheck the option: “Allow this device to wake the computer”.
  • Click Apply and Ok.

Clean Boot Windows 8.1

As said before, the issue can be cause of any third party program/app preventing system from waking/starting up. In the Clean Boot State, apps/programs are disabled. Therefore, starting Windows in a Clean Boot State would help you determine if it is because of any third party app. If the problem does not persist in clean boot state, it confirms any of your program is causing the issue. Consider the following method to clean boot in Windows 8.1:

  • Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box
  • Now type, msconfig and hit enter to launch System Configuration tool
  • On the General tab, uncheck, Load Startup Items
  • Now go to Services tab, Click on Hide All Microsoft Services, and then click Disable All.
  • Apply the settings and Reboot your system

Now check if the problem is resolved or not. If your system wakes up from sleep normally, then it is time to check one by one which app is causing the issue. For that, from System Configuration Startup tab, enable one app at a time and narrow down your search to identifying the problematic app.

Alternatively, you can use Registry Recycler as it features a Startup Management tool as well. Simply go to its Startup tab, and disable all startup apps.

Also, we recommend, you to scan and fix registry using this software as such issues can initiate from Windows registry settings. Fixing registry might also help in relieving your nerves  to fix performance issues.

Note – Upon each resolution, do not forget to reboot your system to effectively apply the changes made.


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PC Shuts Down and Reboots Automatically? Resolved !!

PC randomly booting or shutting down without notifying can be one heck of a havoc and irritating thing a user might ever come across. It pinches your head and is extremely torturing for a computer user.

Though, it cannot directly be identified what causes it, but there are couple of things that actually in many cases work to fix this issue. Checkout the following video, in which we have ascribed couple of quick fixes to resolve an automatically shutting down or rebooting PC.


Does your PC run slow? Or it crashes, lags, or hangs? If yes, then you need to a quick fixer to optimize your slackening PC performance. These issues are often because of a fragmented registry. Defragment your registry using reliable free registry cleaner and you are less likely to experience any PC crashes and stuck offs. The software also intends to optimize PC performance through various features.

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How to Fix a Stuck Computer?

The most frustrating thing for a computer user is when the system gets stuck. When computer gets stuck the mouseoptimize-stuck-computer cursor and desktop buttons on the computer are also stuck and a computer user is unable to do anything on the computer. All of tasks you are doing on the computer also get stuck and if you have not save your work then all the data will be lost. The only thing which a computer user can do upon computer stuck off is to restart the system. Computer Experts say there are couple of reasons behind the computer stuck off problem like software crash, operating system kernel crash or hard drive problem etc. The solution to this problem is to do regular maintenance and optimize Windows registry to get rid of this problem. Below are some useful tips to deal with this horrible problem:

  1. When your computer gets stuck. Press “Ctrl”+ “Alt”+ “Delete” at the same time. Then, press these keys again to restart your computer. But if the system gives no response then the only way to restart your system is to press “Power” button.
  2. Again press the “Power” button to restart your system.
  3. When the computer is in booting mode. Press “F-8” to restart your computer in the safe mode. The safe mode will load only the most necessary files of the operating system. When the computer starts in safe mode go to control panel>Action Center>Troubleshooting. Now click on “Check on performance issues.” This will find and fix the most common computer performance issues. After fixes performance issues restart your computer.
  4. Now restart your computer in Normal desktop mode. Now check for stuck off problem.
  5. Computer experts say that the most common reason of computer stuck off is “Unresponsive Programs”. Unresponsive programs are all those programs that give the message “this program is not responding” at the moment. Remove all the programs from your computer that are showing the unresponsive program behavior. Go to control panel>Programs and features select the program and click on uninstall/change button.
  6. Regular maintenance and regular optimization of Windows is very necessary for removing stuck off problem from your computer.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Computer Protected Wi-Fi Hotspots

wifi-protectionMany of us like to use Wi-Fi hotspots, they are the easiest way of enjoying some quality internet time whether you are at a café, library or an airport. However, these hotspots can be very dangerous for your PC’s sometimes as well. Some of these might be operated by scammers who want to steal your valuable information. Even if the network is not being operated by a scammer, someone might be monitoring the wireless network to view your confidential information like bank accounts, email and social media data etc. therefore, it is very important that you take some safety measures before connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Some of these measures are:

Lock up your sensitive files

Any good encryption software will protect your most important and sensitive files from scammers. A hacker would not be able to open your pictures, videos or other important files even if he gains access to your computer or smartphone. To encrypt your files, you must try to find a good encryption program online. You would be amazed to see the number of such software there, all you have to do is to find the right one and it will create a hacker-proof wall around your sensitive data. This means a hacker would never be able to access or open the files without using the right password.

Avoid wireless networks with unusual names

Avoid using hotspots with names like “Free Wi-Fi for all” or “Unlimited Internet access”. These types of networks are usually created by hackers to lure as many internet users as they can. People tend to connect these networks very easily and there information is stolen as easily as well. Keep in mind, a clever hacker or scammer will not use name like “Hacker free internet”.

So, you avoid using networks with strange names and try to think before you connect to any networks as many things these networks offer like unlimited free internet access are too good to be true. Always connect to a Wi-Fi of a nearby business like McLaren’s Café or Tom’s Coffee House instead of a public Wi-Fi.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

Your laptop or smartphone will continuously scan for a Wi-Fi network, by default. This process will only drain the device’s battery but also exposes it to potential scammers or hackers. Your wireless device might accidently connect to a Wi-Fi network and all your information will be stolen.

If you are not using internet, then turn off the Wi-Fi. This will ensure the safety of your precious data.


Majority of social media and banking sites along with quality websites offer “https” functionality.  For instance you can always log on to Facebook through “https://www.facebook.com” instead of “http://www.facebook.com” for improved security. These servers contain an extra security level that encrypts the incoming and outgoing traffic.

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Microsoft Windows 8 setup—Error code 0x0000005D

error_code_0x0000005DA number of computer users nowadays are complaining that, when they try to install Microsoft Windows 8 on their computers they get an error message. The stop error message code is 0x0000005D and it says that “Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button”. The Blue screen of death stops Error parameters are 0x030F0401, 0x756E6547, 0x49656E69, 0x6C65746E. Now, let us see what the cause of this stop error is and what one can do to fix computer performance issues.

The first thing to understand is that unlike Windows XP, Vista and 7; Windows 8 is not compatible with all versions of Intel Pentium 4 CPU’S. Windows 8 requires a CPU that can support the following functions.

  • SSE2
  • PAE
  • NX bit

Normally all the Intel Pentium 4 CPU‘s have the SSE2 and PAE functions supported. But all the Intel Pentium 4 CPU’s do not support the NX bit function. So make sure that your Intel Pentium 4 CPU supports the NX bit function. If your processor supports the NX bit function then check if it is enabled in BIOS or not. If it is not enabled in BIOS then enable it. By enabling NX bit function you can remove these computer performance issues from your computers. If the Windows 8 64-bit is not installing on your computer then try to install Windows 8 32-bit on your computer.

Usually computer performance issues are caused by not maintaining your computer system regularly. For regular maintenance of your computer system always use a safe registry cleaner tool. Safe registry cleaners have a number of amazing PC maintenance tools like registry cleaner, registry optimizer and registry defrag.

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Windows Errors – Find and Fix Them Quickly

computer_slowing _downIf your PC is running slow and you are receiving Windows Error messages. Then you need to take action to find the reason of these errors and then fix these errors. If you do not fix these errors, the situation will become worst. The most common cause of these Windows error messages is problem with the registry. By cleaning junk, clutters and spyware from the registry you can speed up and optimize your PC.

The registry stores data about software, PC and hardware installed on your system. Registry is the heart of Windows operating system. If it is filled with errors, then it will slow down your PC. In some cases PC is unable to boot at the startup. Sometimes spyware and malware get attached to the registry, which results in the slow performance of your PC. If these spyware and malware are not removed from the registry, they will harm your PC.

For removing and fixing Windows Errors you have to fix your computer registry. There are two methods for fixing registry. The first one is to find and remove these errors manually. The second one is to use software for removing these errors. I will recommend you the second method because manually finding and removing registry errors is impossible for a normal computer user. Only computer experts can do that. Clean-up of your computer registry will help you to speed up and optimize your PC.

Nowadays, a number of registry scanner software are available online. They will automatically find and fix registry errors and also remove any spyware and malware attached to your computer registry.

I hope that the above written lines will help you to remove common Windows Errors.

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Windows Update Error 0×80070002 and 0×80070003

Windows update error codes ox80070002 or ox80070003 appears for a couple of reasons while you are using your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven or Windows 8.One of the most common occurrences of Windows update error is when you are starting your Windows Automatic Updates. If you do not update your Windows OS regularly then it will result in computer performance issues and you might require a useful software to fix general pc issues.

Windows Update Error 0×80070002 and 0×80070003

Windows Update Error 0×80070002 and 0×80070003

The normal reason behind this error is that a disparity has occurred between what Windows thinks it has downloaded to your computer, and what has really been downloaded on your computer. This results in a position which causes Windows Update to be jammed and it keeps showing this error. This can happen because of an internet connection problem during the data transfer.

A very simple method to get rid of this error is to reset the DataStore where Windows keeps this information which has become uneven. Here’s how you can do it in 3 easy steps.

1.    Disable the Windows Automatic Updates

  • Go To Windows Start Menu.
  • Click On Control Panel
  • Click On Windows Update
  • Click On Change Setting
  • Under “Important Updates” Tab Click On “Never Check For Updates(not recommended)”

 2.   Change the Data Store Settings

  • Go To Windows Start Menu.
  • Click On My Computer.
  • Click On C:\Windows Drive.
  • Locate and Open Software Distribution Folder.
  • Locate and open Data Store Folder.
  • Delete all contents of this folder.
  • Close the Window.

 3.   Resume the Update Service

  • Go To Windows Start Menu.
  • Click On Control Panel
  • Click On Windows Update
  • Click On Change Setting
  • Under “Important Updates” Tab Click On “Install Updates Automatically (recommended)”

These steps will fix the Windows Update error and help in resolving computer performance issues.  However, in case this doesn’t fix your problem, there can be another reason for the error. Other reasons can easily be removed by using a good and safe registry cleaner. Nowadays registry cleaners are used most commonly for removing Windows errors like slow computer, different error codes, BSOD (blue screen of death) etc.