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Pimp Out Your Account Name by Adding a Tagline in Windows 8.1

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God made us all different, right? Then why should Microsoft use the same profile settings for every Windows 8.1 user!

Ever since the release of Windows 8.1, there have been fascinating discussions on how to optimize the Metro UI, Desktop Screen, File Explorer, and what not. However, little has been said on how to pimp out the rather, insipid account name field greeting you the moment you launch your Start Screen. What’s more? It’s the same for every person, giving you no extra tagline to distinguish your identity from the others!

Well, all this monotony is about to change. Read this article and decorate your account field to become glossier, fancier, and primarily, more expressive. While many may not consider it necessary, I suggest you do not either! Instead, do it as a fun act, and notice your Windows 8.x experience flourish through in the process.

Tricking Windows

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this article basically tricks Windows because technically, there is no tagline field, only “firstname” andlastname”. But, that is all technically speaking. There is always a flaw in the system, and that is what we evil geniuses are here to exploit.

Start by logging into your Windows using your Microsoft Account. Next, click your name in the top right corner and choose Change account type.

Once in your personal account settings screen, click More account settings online colored in blue, located upfront. This link will transport you to your browser, letting you log into your Microsoft account to change your display name. To do this, choose Edit display name from the right pane.

Here is where you let your creative mind flow. Enter your full name under the First name field, and the leave the Last name column for the tagline. Put up anything! Like fixin’ stuff in 2014, or Registry Recycler a day keeps Windows 8.1 smoother, or awesome tips for awesome people, or simply ANYTHING else you want to wake up your computer to. Also, keep experimenting with random apostrophe’s, dashes, symbols, etc. till you hit the jackpot. Once  done, click the Save button.

Making It Work

To make it all work, what you need to do is reboot your system and login with a local account. Then you need to logout from that account and sign back into your Microsoft account. Sounds stupid right? I know, but that is apparently the only way to make Microsoft realize of the recent name changing activity.

Now you are all set to view your change. Enter your Start Screen by pressing the Windows key and notice the set tagline underneath your name. Immediately, you have become  cooler, pimper, and loads more unique.


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