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Windows 8.1 does not Wake Up From Sleep – [SOLVED]

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While Windows 8.1 has hit the most numbers of downloads as compared to Windows 8, it has also posed a high number of errors and issues to those having it on their systems. Microsoft forums are flooded with complaints of having different type of performance issues with Windows 8.1.

One of these issues, most people are facing is “Windows 8.1 not waking up from sleep”. Many people seem to be complaining where PC does not wake from sleep at all no matter what keyboard button you hit. And thus, requires them to unplug/shutoff the system to restart in the normal functioning mode.


Though, the issue has aroused in former versions too, but with Windows 8.1 users it is frequent. Following can be the most likely reasons why laptop refuses to wake up from sleep:

1.      Any recently installed third party program/app

2.      Outdated drives of chipset drivers


Following are the recommendations to try as a fix to this issue:

Update Chipset Drivers

Foremost thing is to try bringing up to dated chipset drivers from the manufacturer’s website or from Windows Update and check if it helps.

Set Power Management

Adjust power management of mouse and keyboard by unchecking the “Allow this device to wake the computer”. Here is how to do it:.

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list
  • In Device Manager, look for Network Adapter, Mice and Keyboard (Select One by One not at a time).
  • Right click the Network Adapter and click Properties.
  • Click Power management.
  • Uncheck the option: “Allow this device to wake the computer”.
  • Click Apply and Ok.

Clean Boot Windows 8.1

As said before, the issue can be cause of any third party program/app preventing system from waking/starting up. In the Clean Boot State, apps/programs are disabled. Therefore, starting Windows in a Clean Boot State would help you determine if it is because of any third party app. If the problem does not persist in clean boot state, it confirms any of your program is causing the issue. Consider the following method to clean boot in Windows 8.1:

  • Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box
  • Now type, msconfig and hit enter to launch System Configuration tool
  • On the General tab, uncheck, Load Startup Items
  • Now go to Services tab, Click on Hide All Microsoft Services, and then click Disable All.
  • Apply the settings and Reboot your system

Now check if the problem is resolved or not. If your system wakes up from sleep normally, then it is time to check one by one which app is causing the issue. For that, from System Configuration Startup tab, enable one app at a time and narrow down your search to identifying the problematic app.

Alternatively, you can use Registry Recycler as it features a Startup Management tool as well. Simply go to its Startup tab, and disable all startup apps.

Also, we recommend, you to scan and fix registry using this software as such issues can initiate from Windows registry settings. Fixing registry might also help in relieving your nerves  to fix performance issues.

Note – Upon each resolution, do not forget to reboot your system to effectively apply the changes made.


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