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Here’s How to Disable Suggested Sites in Internet Explorer (IE) 11

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While it’s always helpful to have your browser suggesting you your “favorite” websites as you begin typing in, it can get extremely annoying if it starts completing your web addresses with unnecessary suggestions. After all, it’s highly unlikely that a man would want to complete “www.how” with “www.how-to-make-hair-bows.com”!

Stop Suggestions Internet Explorer 11

If you are caught up in a similar situation and wish to stop Internet Explorer 11 from playing the smarter role, follow these easy steps and turn-off Internet Explorer 11 suggestions.

  • Launch Internet Explorer 11
  • Click on the gear located at the top right corner of your screen and then open Internet options
  • Enter the Content tab and click Settings displayed in the AutoComplete category
  • Uncheck Suggesting URLs and click OK

Congratulations! You can now use your favorite browser free of any frustrating suggestions. Yes, it was that simple!

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