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How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows 8 (8.1)

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Speech recognition may sound like an ultra-modern utility featured only in the latest release of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but it was actually built-in since Windows Vista! Found in the Control Panel, this handy feature can not only type what you speak, but also control applications and navigate according to your verbal commands. Sounds too good to be true right? Set up your Speech recognition tool and see for yourself.

Set up Speech Recognition in Windows 8 and 8.1

Speech recognition: Setup

Firstly, start by setting up your speed recognition tool by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu
  2. Navigate to Ease of access -> Speech Recognition
  3. Click Start Speech Recognition and allow the Wizard to guide you through the setting up of your Speech Recognition

Once the tool has been set, a Speech Recognition bar will be displayed at the top, notifying you of the current tasks being done by the tool.

Speech Recognition Training

The next step is to train your Speech Recognition tool so that it can better understand and respond to your commands. To do this open the Speech Recognition window and click Train your computer to better understand you. This training tutorial will give you some text to read aloud and “speak” to the computer. At the same time, the computer will listen and try to learn the words spoken.

You can perform this training session until you are satisfied with the results and feel comfortable using the tool.

Speech Recognition – Dictate Text

Open any blank text document, and say the words “start listening” loud and clear into the microphone. Upon hearing, the Windows Speech Recognition will activate and listen for any words you speak. Next, start speaking and notice the Windows Speech Recognition type the words onto the text file.

To be fair, Windows Speech Recognition will have to be trained and tested again and again till it completely learns your commands and acts perfectly to your commands. In order to correct a mistake of the tool, you have to speak out the word “correct” followed by the word you wish to correct. For example, if you wish to correct the word “computer”, say the words “correct computer”. You will be presented by a panel listing the suggestions from which you can choose according to your preferences.

Following is a list of a couple of handy commands that you can certainly master to enhance the tool’s operations:

  • Delete previous sentence” – this will delete the sentence situated at the left of the cursor.
  • Go after word” – this will place the cursor ahead of a specific word.

Experiment yourself

Windows Speech Recognition isn’t one of the tools that you can master and perfect just by reading an article. Instead, set up your tool right away and experiment with it yourself. No one can teach its “slave” better than the “master” itself.


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