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Bought The New Surface Pro 2? Now Master It!

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So I guess you’re done with step 1: get your hands to Surface Pro 2. I also guess you’re done with step 2: touch, tap, swipe, explore, and go beyond. Nevertheless, did you know there is also a step 3?

What is it do you ask? Behold!

a) Master your Surface Pro 2!

How, you ask? Behold!

b) By reading this article!

Tricks to mastering Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

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Cut your time by using shortcuts

Those who have used Surface tablets know that the Type touch or Touch cover keyboard do not have the wide range of keys that a normal PC keyboard would have. To compensate for this, Microsoft issued a few shortcuts specific for the Surface keyboards, which would enhance its functionality big time. Go through the following shortcuts and practice them to master your Surface Pro 2.

  • Fn + Spacebar

This shortcut gives the functionality of the more common, Print Screen button. It saves the current screen viewed by the user, and copies it into the clipboard for further use.

  • Fn + Alt + Spacebar

Almost similar to the print screen functionality, this shortcut saves only the current window into the clipboard

  • Fn + Del

Increase the brightness level of the screen

  • Fn + Backspace

Decrease the brightness level of the screen

  • Fn + Left key

Navigate to Home

  • Fn + Right key

Navigate to End

  • Fn + Up key

Page Up

  • Fn + Down

Page Down

Create hard disk space by moving Recovery Partition to USB

Surface Pro comes with a small hard disk space, most of which is consumed by the Windows operating system itself. You can create extra space by moving what is known as a Recovery Partition into to a USB flash drive. Recovery partition is basically a recovery drive which consists of important system files that can be used to revert the Windows device back to its factory default settings. However, it should be noted that the next time you wish to reset or refresh your tab, you will have to do it via that USB.

In order to copy this recovery drive into the USB, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open the Start Screen (Windows key) and type Recovery
  2. Click or tap the Click a recovery drive icon to open the Recovery Drive windows
  3. Enable the Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive and then follow the instructions mentioned by the wizard


Master the Surface Pen

While swiping the Surface Pen across the tablet is incredibly fun and certainly one of the guilty pleasures of any tablet user, there is a lot more that can be done using the Pen’s Wacom technology. Here is just a few of them:

  1. Sign your documents
  2. Hover as a Mouse
  3. Use it as an eraser
  4. Perform a left-click


Keep it Updated

Microsoft is not known for releasing a device and then turning its back onto its customers. Talking about Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, regular firmware updates are released that may help fix any bugs or prevent any future disasters. Make sure you keep your tablet updated and be informed about the latest happenings in the Microsoft world.  

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