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Apps not Starting in Windows 8 (8.1) – [Fixed]

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Having trouble starting an app from Windows Start Screen? Though this problem has no particular solution, yet you can try multiple solutions to get your apps working in Windows 8. Proposed below are some suggestions you can tryout to resolve this issue.

Ways to Try when Apps do not Open in Windows 8

Note: We suggest you to try these in the order given below.

Restart PC

That may be a myth, but most IT Professionals believe that most PC problems are solved by just simply rebooting the PC. Therefore, before proceeding to the solutions below, it is advised to Restart your PC and then try to launch the app again. If it does not help, proceed to next step.

Adjust Screen/Display Resolution

The Apps on your Windows 8 would not start if the display resolution is lower than 1024*768. However, in this case, you are likely to see an error message displaying

This app cannot open
The screen resolution is too low for this app to run
Change your screen resolution

Therefore, to void this possibility, you are advised to check the display resolution. And if it is lower than 1024*768, follow the procedure below to change resolution:

  1. Type Resolution in Windows 8 Start Screen, and then click on the Settings.
  2. On the left pan, you will see Adjust screen resolution. Click it to open the change screen settings dialog box.
  3. Now, adjust your display according to the recommended resolution i.e. 1024*768.

If it were the screen resolution preventing apps launch, the problem should be fixed now. Otherwise, you are advised to check your User Account Control.

Check your Windows 8 User Account Control (UAC)

If your User Account Control (UAC) is disabled, you are advised to immediately enable it. Disabling UAC does not only affect apps launching, but it’s a security risk as well. In order to enable User Account Control, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows key on keyboard to open Start Screen
  2. Now type, User Account Control, then click the Settings
  3. Click on the Change User Account Control Settings option on the left side of screen
  4. This will open the User Account Control Setting s screen, where you can change the settings.
  5. Slide the bar up to 2nd level from the top.

Install the Latest Graphic/Video Drivers

Installing or updating to newest graphic cards drivers often solves various common pc problems. Therefore, you are advised to check for the updated video drivers. This does not only helps in getting apps working in Windows 8, but also helps in order to improve the overall performance of system. To update your drivers, you are suggested to visit manufacturer’s site and look for the drivers, or do the following:

  1. Press Windows  Key + R to open Run dialog box
  2. Enter the command “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter to open Device Manager window
  3. In the Device Manager list, go to Display Adapters and expand it.
  4. Right click the Video card and click on Update Driver Software.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the process.

Move to a Local Account

Many users have reported that, if you use Microsoft account for Windows 8, many of your apps may not launch or run properly. The simple fix is to switch to local account. Switching to a local account does not influence the functionality of Window.

Undo the Recent Changes

Sometimes, installing new software and programs for customizing Windows 8 change the registry settings and set values that are not acceptable for OS. This customization by the third party software can also cause the apps to stop working and may corrupt the registry. Therefore, it is advised to uninstall any recently installed third party software from your system, and also repair corrupt Windows 8 registry using a reliable freeware. Doing this may solve the issue.

Refresh Your PC

If none of the above solution has worked for you, the simple and last resort to fix it is to use Windows 8 Refresh Your PC option. This will reinstall Windows 8 but will not affect your personal account settings and data.

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