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Install DirectX 11.2 in Windows 8.1


Prior to the release of Windows 8.1, it was rumored that the coming attraction will be having a pre-installed updated version of DirectX utility. Later on, Microsoft confirmed this development and announced DirectX 11.2 to be accompanied with the new Windows 8.1. From there on, the anticipations started building up.

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What will DirectX 11.2 do?

Along with many same old features, fixed this time, was announced this cool new addition. It seemed that Microsoft is really concerned about the graphics and appearances. As perceived from the authorities, DirectX 11.2 help a lot in improving the gaming experience, as well as desktop operations with an enhanced display. DirectX 11.2 will run leaner and faster than of course its previous versions. It has also been claimed that the new version of DirectX will perform better by consuming comparatively less memory. Loading times within the games will reduce and increased responsiveness.

How to Install

Unfortunately, many users that were able to install the new Windows update disconfirmed the presence of what was promised. However, it should not be a matter of concern, as it is available on Microsoft’s website and can be downloaded from there. Make sure your version of Windows 8.1 has an updated DirectX to the recent version. You can do this by accessing DirectX Diagnostic Tool of Windows. If you find your version to be the older one, just go to Windows update section and search for the available updates.


The previous version 11.1 was compatible to Windows 8, RT, 7, Server 2012 and Server 2008. However, not all these qualify for the new version. DirectX version 11.2 will only be compatible with Windows 8.1 preview, and Windows Server 2012. This excludes Windows 8 from the league of further advancements. The rest of the users can hope and wait for the new edition to release in compatibility with previous versions of Windows.

Failures and Solutions

Sometimes, computers have applications like games that use an older version of DirectX, let us say DirectX 9. When running this game with a newer version of DirectX installed, the game might crash down stating that certain DLL files were not found. In such a case, you would not have to wait for the next fix to run older games or rollback the DirectX version. Microsoft has already responded to the situation with its DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. This installer provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX within the applications. Thus, enabling its users to attain high speed multimedia and games on PC.


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  1. is there any method to Install DirectX 11.2 in Windows 8 or 7 ?

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