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How to Fix Error 0x8007005 – 0x4000D while upgrading to Windows 8.1

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For the users of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, It was quite tiring activity to upgrade to Windows 8.1. However, not all users succeeded at the end of the day. There were certain reported errors that resisted the new comer to get going. Error 0x8007005 – 0x4000D is one of these errors. Let us simply the symptoms and their causes for you to associate your situation with this scenario easily.

Resolve and Fix Error 0x8007005 – 0x4000D


Windows 8 is the only way that Microsoft recommended to incorporate Windows 8.1 on your PCs. While doing so, everything seems good unless the installation reaches a specific point. This is the point where the message Getting Devices Ready is displayed. This process does not appear to move beyond 3% for a significant bit of time, and ends up in the error message titled above. The message displayed looks somewhat similar to this one;

Couldn’t update to Windows 8.1

Sorry we couldn’t complete the update to Windows 8.1. We’ve restored your previous version of
Windows to this PC.

0x8007005 – 0x4000D

On a restart, the system boots back in to your previous Windows 8 with your precious time wasted.


It can rationally be confirmed that one of the active processes in your Windows 8 is causing the confrontations in configuring the files of Windows 8.1. However, the actual troubled processes cannot be specified. An antivirus has the most possibilities to adapt such unaccepted behavior, as the new files may not be familiar to the antivirus software. As a result, the application does not trust the process and suspends it forcefully.


Disable Antivirus: Boot in to your Windows 8 in the Normal mode and open your Antivirus application. Find the option to disable the app or stop protecting your PC. It should also to be noted that antiviruses aim to keep of PC out of trouble. Once you have got Windows 8.1 successfully mounted on your machine, re-enable the Security solution to start Protecting your PC.

Clear Windows Store Cache: Over a number of activities and downloads directed from Windows Store, it is likely to have temporary and unwanted data in the form of Cache. Free up the memory by clearing this cache by typing wsreset.exe in the Run box and hitting Enter.

Clean Boot: If the problem persists after disabling the antivirus, there is some other application or process making the hitches. Disable All Services and Startup items from System Configuration tool and restart the computer with minimal activities. Retry to install Windows 8.1, as no process will be active to create hurdles.


Free Windows 8.1 Registry Cleaning Software to Fix Errors

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