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Excite Your Experience With Windows 8.1 New Features

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It is now the time to differentiate between Windows 8 and its sequel Windows 8.1. Although, the later one does not seem to be more different from the prior one, there are some distinctions discerning them apart. If you are planning to be entitled for this update, you may not find it much of a surprising experience. The new entries are a kind of familiar as being same to the announcements made by the authorities or stated by many experts in their previews. However, it is still indispensable to highlight these firsthand features and evaluate them in the perspective of a common user. The basic areas under our consideration in this article are,

8.1 Windows Overview

Start Button

On the strong recommendations of upset desktop users of Windows 8, Microsoft compromisingly reinstated the Start button like old times. However, it is only the Start button, which survived, and not the Start menu enclosed within. The menu contained in this button is the same, called as Power user menu in Windows 8, with a couple of added options. Although, it is not what one was expecting, but is still at least something. You can now bypass the start screen in order to access many system settings and standby options. For the PC users, desktop screen seems to be complete with such a view in the corner.

Lock Screen

The monotonous lock screen of Windows 8 has now been tweak in Windows 8.1 through certain effects. The calm display has now been filled of life with the toggling and animating pictures. This interface can also been shared by multiple photos at a time. Other additional traits of Start screen include the calendar alerts, email, and Facebook notifications. Good news for the Surface RT users is that the Skype calls can be responded from this interface without even unlocking the screen.

Start Screen

It has been the most disputed subject of Windows 8 lately. Among many objections was the limited number of tile sizes for different applications. This objection is duly retorted by introducing more tile sizes in both the directions (smaller and larger). The live apps that always used to welcome you on accessing the Start screen (whether you wanted them to or not) can now be replaced with those of your own choice. Another doubtful property of this feature was the tedious same styled funky start screen backgrounds. You had to choose among the existing similar and boring backgrounds, offered by default. This is not the case now, as you can customize this screen with a variety of backgrounds of your choice.

User Interface

Windows 8.1 facilitates its desktop users with more customization abilities, where one can easily bypass the Start screen and boot directly onto the desktop through modified settings. The enhanced snap feature enables you to work at up to four applications at a time, by viewing them side by side. You can also adjust the screen allocation ratio for these snaps according your own ease.

Start Search

Start search is not just limited to the start screen. Now, you can start typing right away on your desktop to fetch the results. Moreover, the search results view that was once divided into categories is now consolidated and unified. You can view results from within the computer as well as from the network in the same list.


Windows 8.1 has emerged with quite enriched fun stuff this time. The camera application has added new features of filling effects into the photos captured. You do not need to integrate high sized and expensive software to perform little photo corrections, as the camera app lets you do it with comfort. Moreover, improvements have been made to the Xbox by bettering its search with the new navigation pane.

Although the changes made in this update seem to be minor, these are effectively managed to offer a maximized Windows 8.1 Performance utility to its users. As the release is still fresh and in the pipeline of users to be tested, it may take a spell to record the feedback from end consumers.

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