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Troubleshoot and Fix Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10

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Modern internet usage includes a high intensity of online audio and video streaming, online gaming, and other animated entities. For your information, all these activities require a latest Flash Player to execute them successfully. Internet Explorer 10 is a key feature of Windows 8, which is reviving back its importance among population of web browsers. An interesting fact articulates that latest update of internet explorer has the ability to fulfill browsing of flash content without using any plug-in. This means Microsoft and Adobe have stepped together in providing a liberated browsing experience.

How to Fix Flash Player Crashes in Internet Explorer 10

If you have already installed the latest update for Internet Explorer 10, and still encountering errors and dead ends while playing flash compositions, try out the following troubleshooting tips.

Enable Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10

  • Open Internet Explorer and browse to a page with rich media content
  • Point your cursor in the upper right corner and click the settings menu button
  • From the dropped down menu, choose the option Manage add-ons
  • In Manage Add-ons window locate and select Shockwave Flash Object from the list
  • While it is selected, click Enable button below in the window and then click Close button
  • Restart Internet Explorer and try

In this entire process, it is essential to be logged on to a webpage in the background, containing rich media content. In the state of incompliance, Shockwave Flash Object would not appear in the Add-ons list. If it is still not working out in playing flash objects, this could be the issue of ActiveX Filtering.

Disable ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 10

  • Open Internet Explorer and browse to a page with rich media content
  • Point your cursor in the upper right corner and click the settings menu button
  • From the dropped down menu, point on the option Safety
  • Then click ActiveX Filtering so that it is unchecked or disabled
  • Close down the Internet Explorer and re-open it in a while

On restarting the internet explorer after disabling ActiveX Filtering, you must log on to a webpage with streaming, gaming, or animations and check out if these work fine. If the problem persists, it is quite possible that the version of Flash Player embedded in your browser is an outdated one.

Fix Flash Player Registry Entries

One of the major causes of adobe flash player not running in IE 10 could be bad registry data and conflicting flash player registry entries. To eradicate the possibility, you are advised to defragment your Windows registry and fix registry errors which eventually will cover the adobe registry entries as well. For that purpose, you are required to use a reliable registry software. Try using Registry Recycler – Free Registry Cleaner for this purpose to fix the issue.

Check Java

Make sure your Java is working completely fine. A clean install of both Java and Adobe Flasher player often helps in fixing the issues in Internet Explorer 10.

Update Internet Explorer and Flash Player

The heading does not refer to separate processes to update both the utilities. You can access Windows Store from your Windows 8 and update your Internet Explorer to the latest version. This will automatically provide you with an up to date Flash Player.

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