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How to Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

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Mainstream web addresses comprise largely of animations and media content these days. To play easily through the internet, these objects are transformed into flash. Flash is a software platform that supports vector graphics, games, and animations. As being a third party component, it requires a podium to execute itself. Users usually encounter crashes while playing flashing content in Google Chrome.

How do I fix Google Chrome Shockwave Flash Crashes


In order to run .swf .fla and .flv content, a web browser would demand flash installation on the operating system. Unlike these browsers, Google Chrome has this utility embedded in itself. However, you may keep experiencing such issue until the flash plug-in is enabled in Google Chrome. Another cause of such crashes might be a conflict between the flash utilities in Google Chrome and Operating System, respectively. There are certain third party software and services that have the ability to contradict with Chrome operations and result in a Crash.

Given below are the agreed tenacities in this regard.

Enable Shockwave Flash Plugin

  • Open Google Chrome web browser
  • In the address bar of Google Chrome, type chrome://plugins and hit Enter key
  • Locate Adobe Flash Player in the list of plugin categories
  • In case of a single plugin under this category, make sure it is enabled
  • If it is not, click the words stating Enable
  • Restart Google Chrome and open a flash-based web address

How to Fix and Enable Shockwave Flash Plugin In Chrome

Disable Conflicting Plugins

  • Open Google Chrome web browser, type and Enter chrome://plugins in the address bar
  • In case of 2 files under Adobe Flash Player category, view their statuses
  • If both are enabled, one needs to be switched off (preferably the one internal to Chrome)
  • Identify the plugin via Location, if it is embedded in Chrome or separately installed on OS
  • Click the hyperlink text stating Disable right beneath the location field
  • Restart Google Chrome and open a flash-based web address

How to Disable Double Flash Players in Chrome

Clean and Defrag Registry

Oftentimes, redundant registry bloated with corrupt and empty keys can arise the issue, which requires users to clean registry to avoid this possible issue. The best remedy to the registry errors is to use reliable registry software that will solidly scan through entire registry including Chrome registry entries and fix them to eradicate errors. We recommend you to use this free registry cleaner to scan, fix, and defrag registry.

Shockwave Flash Crash Fixer

Check for Conflicting Software

  • Open Google Chrome web browser, type and Enter chrome://conflicts in the address bar
  • View the list of running modules and locate those in conflict with the Chrome browser
  • Such items will display the message; This module is known to conflict with Google Chrome
  • Update the conflicting software to its latest version
  • If the problem persists, disable or uninstall the conflicting software or service
  • Restart Google Chrome and open a flash-based web address

Fix Conflicting Software to Fix Shockwave Flash Error

A list of conflicting software and services is displayed on Google Chrome’s webpage.

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