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How to Fix Font Issues in Windows 8.1

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This is a minute issue, being faced by many Windows 8.1 users. Sometimes it appears bold, while blurry the other times. This small glitch is quite annoying and averts users to carry a proper reading. Many targets consider it as an unfitting screen resolution, a faulty graphics card, and/or its drivers. The issue affects the fonts of message alerts, content within applications, and that in web browsers.

Do not perceive it as a drawback of this updated operating system. It is actually one of the advancements of Windows 8.1, which has gone bad. The DPI Scaling system of this Windows depicts a refined development. Expectedly, Microsoft will soon address the issue in its upcoming fixes. Until then, you can rectify this issue manually as stated in this article.

It is most probable that the newly introduced option ‘one scaling level for all displays’ is disabled or turned off in the settings. The font issue in the subject above can be resolved by re-enabling this option from the display settings. To do so, see the following procedure and apply in accordance.

  • Right click on Desktop screen and go for Screen Resolution
  • A dialog box will appear with certain display options and settings
  • Below in this dialog box, click the words stating Make text and other items larger or smaller
  • A new window will open with the title Display with more detailed settings and options
  • Alternatively, right click on desktop screen and choose Personalization
  • In the left pane of Personalization window, go to the bottom and select Display option
  • Locate Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays and check the box next to it
  • Click on Apply button and exit Display window
  • Restart the computer to take the effect

Fix Fuzzy and Blur Font Issues in Windows 8.1

After trying this workaround procedure, you will be able to avoid the troubled fonts as described in this session. As Windows 8.1 is a new release and may contain certain leftovers, it would take a while in getting it all together. If you are still encountering the said issue, even after the fix process, you may need to check your display card drivers and make sure these are update to the latest version. Moreover, the drivers must be compatible specifically with Windows 8.1. If these are not, wait for the graphic card manufacturers to release a compatible version of software and/or Microsoft itself to come with a relevant fix.


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