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Fix Black Screen Error While Installing Windows 8.1

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These days, every Windows 8 user is keen to get the major and most awaited update. This update, called Windows 8.1, is actually a fix to the issues regarded in Windows 8. However, there are still some users not able to implicate this fix to their prior operating system. The issue is commonly defined as the Black screen error by most of the complainers. As reported, at a certain point of installation of Windows 8.1, the screen goes black and empty abandoning the installation. In addition to that, the system rolls back to the previously existing Windows 8. This is certainly a waste of someone’s valuable time.

Fix Windows 8.1 Black Screen After Installation

This article spotlights the most probable cause behind the scenario and recommends a resolution technique for it. You can either bear with this issue until Microsoft comes up with a permanent fix, as promised, or do it on your own manually. The problem seems to originate from graphic card drivers that are not friendly with this new Windows player. All you have to do is just update your video drivers and reach back to the upgrade process. However, specified herein, is a prescribed method of getting it done. This process is simplified in steps, stated below.

Before we proceed with the procedure, it is advised to clean your Windows 8.1 registry errors to ensure smooth application of forthcoming steps. For that, download free Windows 8.1 registry cleaner and run it to scan and fix registry issues. Once done, proceed further:

  • Turn off your computer and turn it back on
  • After the manufacturer’s logo, keep pressing F8 key continuously to view Startup options
  • You may have to try it a couple of times until you get to the preferred location
  • If the options still do not appear, the F8 key is disabled for this function
  • Enable F8 key by logging into Windows 8 in the Normal mode
  • Once enabled, restart your computer try over for the Advanced Startup options
  • Among these options, choose to boot in Safe mode with networking enabled
  • This will not let the graphic or video drivers to load on startup
  • You can now search for latest drivers on the manufacturer’s website
  • Make sure that the new listed drivers are compatible with Windows 8.1
  • Uninstall the old existing drivers and install the new one
  • Restart the computer and let it boot normally
  • Now you can reinitiate the process of updating to Windows 8.1

It is quite possible that you will not find the updated drivers attuned to Windows 8.1. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is to postpone the update process until the manufacturer turns up with the appropriate set of driver application. Keep yourself informed with Microsoft updates as it may bridge Windows 8.1 with older driver versions.

Note: Besides this, there can be other reasons why you may be seeing a Black Screen Error. We recommend you to read and try the solutions mention in Windows 8 Black Screen Fixing tutorial.

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