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PC Shuts Down and Reboots Automatically? Resolved !!

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PC randomly booting or shutting down without notifying can be one heck of a havoc and irritating thing a user might ever come across. It pinches your head and is extremely torturing for a computer user.

Though, it cannot directly be identified what causes it, but there are couple of things that actually in many cases work to fix this issue. Checkout the following video, in which we have ascribed couple of quick fixes to resolve an automatically shutting down or rebooting PC.


Does your PC run slow? Or it crashes, lags, or hangs? If yes, then you need to a quick fixer to optimize your slackening PC performance. These issues are often because of a fragmented registry. Defragment your registry using reliable free registry cleaner and you are less likely to experience any PC crashes and stuck offs. The software also intends to optimize PC performance through various features.

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