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Fix Crashing and Freezing Issues in The Tomb Raider

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Fifth episode of Tomb Raider released this year for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, and Xbox 360 platforms. Gamers playing it on PS3 and Xbox might be satisfied with is performance, but those playing it on Windows operating system have real concerns. Many technical issues with frequent error messages have been reported, of which, fatal and Direct3D are most common. Go through this article and you will be able to fix these issues on Microsoft Windows and have a wonderful gaming experience.

Device Drivers

Like most of the games errors, these of Tomb Raider may also result due to an outdated set of drivers. Make sure, you have up to the date driver utilities, and if you do not, carry out the following procedure.

  • Go to Windows Search and type ‘Device Manager’
  • In the search results, right click Device Manager and choose Run as administrator
  • In the list of devices, click to select the one that needs a driver update
  • Double click it to access its Properties. Go to the Driver tab in Properties window
  • Now click Update Driver, and follow the instructions to complete update wizard
  • Repeat the same steps to update other device drivers

Antivirus & Firewall

Another reason for malfunctions while playing Tomb Rider could be a conflict with Antivirus or Firewall applications. If this is the case, you can start a trouble-free game session by turning off the antivirus or firewall program.

  • Right click antivirus icon on the Taskbar and select Disable until Restart
  • Go to Windows Search and type ‘firewall’ to view the search results
  • In the search results, click to open Windows Firewall and Advanced Security
  • Right click Windows Firewall and Advanced Security in left panel, and go to its Properties
  • Change the Firewall State from ON to OFF

Registry Issues

Another reason why your Tomb Ride might be crashing is an unclean registry filled with loads of invalid and corrupt entries. Therefore, it is advised to fix your registry errors using a reliable registry cleaner such as Registry Recycler.

  • Download and install the prescribed registry software
  • Use Scanner and Defrag features to optimize your Windows registry for best PC performance.

Game Cache

Game stores its files in the Cache directory. These file may possibly be corrupt, causing the game to crash or display an error. In this connection, check the integrity of game cache and remove the cache contents.

  • Open Steam, go to Library section, and select your game (Tomb Raider)
  • Right click the game for a drop down menu, and go to its Properties
  • Select Local Files and click on Integrity of Game Cache
  • Send a request to launcher and wait until the process finishes
  • On next dialog windows check Windows will automatically exit when the above process completes

 Unmark Exclusive Full Screen

Conceivably, running the game in Full Screen mode can cause certain runtime errors in Windows. It can be resolved by disabling this mode through the instructions stated below.

  • Close all active programs and open Launcher
  • Go to Options and, and access Basic tab
  • On this tab, unmark the checkbox next to Exclusive Full Screen, and click Advanced Settings
  • In advanced settings set Hair Quality to Normal

Window Mode

If you are having problem in starting up the game, try again starting it in Window mode. Mentioned below are the practices to execute in Window mode to start the game properly.

  • Close all active programs and open Launcher
  • Go to Game Menu and click Graphic Options to select Window Mode

 Now you can enjoy playing adventurous events of Tomb Rider. Do not forget to turn on your Antivirus and Firewall programs to ensure a protected PC environment.

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