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How to Increase Productivity on Computer

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Time and resource are the major constraints, bounding users to be more productive while being at work. Everyone wants to achieve a lot more in a very short time using particular technology resources. Let us confer the major factors involved affecting our productivity on computers.

Bigger Screens

With the arrival of Post-Vista Windows operating system versions, we can set and view two applications interfaces side by side with quite ease. However, it would make your pace even sluggish if you are using a small screen. It is therefore, advised to have a larger screen for a clear view or use multiple monitors. It will let help in many ways like, having multiple active windows, viewing and comparing the contents of these windows, and above of all having a large and clear sight.

Typing Speed

If you are discussing the use of computer at your workplace, you cannot be relieved of typing activity. To create documents with a faster pace meeting the deadlines, you should regularly practice and improve your typing capability. There are certain tutorial and game-based applications that let you practice this skill with fun filled in it. Also, check this post to resolve typing problems.

Shortcut Keys

Switching from keyboard to mouse and then back to the keyboard is often considered negligible. But if you sum up the overall time spent in doing so, it really makes a difference. Sticking on to the keyboard would cut short the unexploited seconds, which can then be summed up to minutes and even hours. Check Windows 8 Shortcut Keys.

Up-to-date Machine

Even if you have the ability to work with a speed of flashlight, a sluggish and outdated machine would never let you improve your productivity. Pinpoint the hardware components that are causing the slowdowns and replace them with the advanced and new ones. However, a complete replacement is always recommended.

Clean up Work

Even if you have the world’s reckless machine with you, an improper or no maintenance will make it sick over the time. Invest some time on your PC to keep up its health. Have a proficient antivirus program, optimize Hard Drives, dump your cache on time, fix registry errors using free registry cleaner, and check for regular updates. This practice will not only fetch you a higher performance but also increase the lifespan of your hardware.

Internet Connection

In the contemporary dynamic business environment, use of internet is vital for the workers. A connection to the network is not however enough, but a connection to a fast-paced network is requisite. Subscribe to the higher MBs of internet and make sure to dispose temporary internet files, history, and caches to ensure quality connectivity. See this article to know how you can increase your internet speed on Windows 8.

Include all these in your checklist, and you will have an ascending productivity at the end of the day, for sure.  More overview can be acquired by referring to each of them in further details.

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