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How to Fix/Resolve Star Trek Crashes and Freezes

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Paramount Pictures joined hands with other publishers to produce the game version of its epic movie Star Trek. Released this year, the game has already set its feet on charts. If you have started following it by this time or making up your mind towards it, you may experience some complications while conducting an effective game session.

Star Trek Crashes Fixed

The major problem conversed is a crashing and freezing experience. The aim of communicating these problems is not at all to drive you out of it. Fortunately, there are now certain fixes to avoid inconveniences involved. See below for different solutions.

Solution 1

For a smooth operating game, do not launch the game until you disable all background applications. Flash games in your browser should especially be terminated as these consume lot of memory resources. Try out following steps

  • Type MSCONFIG in Run box and press Enter key
  • Access Startup tab and click Disable All button
  • Click Apply and Restart the computer
  • After exiting the game, you can re-enable your startup items.

Solution 2

Temporary files can also cause reduction in pleasure of quality game. Delete all temporary files to avoid minor interruptions in Star Trek. It can be done by the following way.

  • Type %TEMP% in Run box and press Enter key
  • In the temp folder, select all files (Edit>Select All / Ctrl + A) and Delete them

Solution 3

At times, it’s not your game, but your PC bloated and troubled with loads of junk and corrupt entries in registry. A corrupt and fragmented registry not only slowdowns your system, but can be the main reason behind frequent system/game crashes and freezes. Therefore, you are advised to fix your PCs registry errors and ensure a smooth running system. To achieve this target, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install a free registry and system maintenance tool like Registry Recycler, which is safe and reliable for fixing and repairing registry errors.
  • use Scanner which will diagnose errors and fix them
  • Use Defrag feature, which will organize your registry entries to offer a more stable system.

Solution 4

In various online discussion sessions recently held, it was found that enabling 3GB switch has worked out for many gamers. You can also try it out and observe the results. If it does not work, reverse it back.

  • Type command prompt in Start menu/screen Search box
  • Right click Command Prompt in the result and Run as administrator
  • Type the command line bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa and press Enter key
  • Type Exit and press Enter to quit command prompt
  • Restart your computer to take effect

Solution 5

Another way to respond this issue is through the game itself. Enter game options and lower the settings of Star Trek. Disable VSync and multi-sampling might help. Do attempt to run the game with turned down environment detail levels. If the problem persists, try different resolution options.

Solution 6

At many occasions, certain antiviruses have detected threats in Star Trek. If you are also one of the experiences, do not vacillate and disable your antivirus program. If you have not updated your antivirus for a while, just do it today. Make sure to re-enable the security application after playing game.

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