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How to Fix PC Errors of Bioshock Infinite

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2K Games appeared with its so far first big shot this year. The high rated Bioshock Infinite claimed many appreciations from its prospected users. Regardless of an esteemed program, the publishers lack in providing proper support to their new clients, as many of the users are facing certain issues with the game on their PCs.

Resolve PC Errors of Bioshock Infinite

We have found and collected the common issues among these and researched them to come up with possible solutions. In the subsequent text, you will be tutored with the procedures to apply the solutions.

 Launch Error

The game has been released in different geographical areas. Although, you would be able to download the game, anywhere you want. However, it only operates in the regions of its release. Please check out if your area is listed in the countries of Bioshock Infinite release, and wait if it does not. In case if it does appear in the list, restart the Steam, and re-launch the game.

COMCTL32.dll Error

This error also prevents a user from launching the game, usually with an error message stating ‘The ordinal 345 could not be located in the dynamic link library COMCTL32.dll. Appearance of this message is only possible when you are trying to run the game on Windows XP operating system. If this is so, you are informed that the game is not supported on this operating system and you need to shift to an advanced version. Recommended OS for this game is Windows 8 upon which you can have a fair gameplay.

Lagging & Crashing

Such issues can result from a couple sources. Either you are running the game with older version of graphic drivers, which is causing lags during the game. If such an event, please search out for the latest driver of your graphic device and install it. Moreover, the corrupted or missing game file causes the game to crash down to the desktop. Verify your game cache to replace the damaged files. Besides, it can be cause of common PC errors associated with Windows registry because of which the system might trouble while playing game. Download and use this free registry cleaning software to fix your PC registry errors.

File Save Issue

Many have reported the inability to save the game at any point. Please notice that it might not be possible, as the game comprises a checkpoint system. You can only retrieve an old gaming session from the last checkpoint that you have passed.

Field of View

As it was earlier demanded, Field of view (FOV) can be customized to a preferred level by accessing the game’s configuration folder in Documents. In this folder open XUserOptions.ini through Notepad and locate MaxUserFOVOffsetPercent. Change its value to let us say 30.000000 or any other value of your desire.

There could be other issues like Disappearing bodies. Such issues are not a bug and therefore, cannot be resolved.

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