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How to Fix Windows 8 (8.1) File Explorer Crashes

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Users that have recently moved from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 8 have been facing many complications. One of these complications is a frequently crashing File Explorer. Although, Microsoft has brought up major reforms in this feature, it has been reported unpromising at different occasions.

Fix Your Windows 8 File Explorer Crashes Issues


This inconvenience may have resulted due to a number of possible reasons, which are described below

  • Every process of Microsoft Windows takes instructions from its concerned entries, stored in system registry. A broken link can cause this process to abandon.
  • An incompatible process or service could have been battling with your explorer, forcing it to shut down instantly.
  • Any new updates recently downloaded and installed have the possibility to enclose a bug, which is causing the woe.
  • Microsoft and third parties have introduced cloud storage technologies, assisting the users to store their data in online servers. Extensions of these technologies embedded in your explorer can make it suffer.
  • Due to an improper shutdown, you might possibly have lost a significant system file. As a result, Windows is unable to locate the specific file and cannot on hold on to its File Explorer.


In accordance to the causes mention in the prior section of this article, stated below are some recommended solutions to tackle this situation.

  • A simple way to re-launch the File explorer is; open Task Manager, click File menu and select Run Task. Type explorer.exe and click OK.
  • In respect of the disruption instructions followed, Scan your registry with a free registry cleaning tool, and fix the detected errors
  • As different programs and applications run in the form of processes on your system. Make sure that these processes are completely compatible with Windows 8 File Explorer. If these are not, go to Task Manager, locate and select to End Process, and re-launch your explorer.
  • If you have lately mounted any updates, make sure these are not bugged and contradictory to your explorer session. Disable or deactivate these updates for a few moments and observe for a re-crash. In case of everything being normal, do not turn these back on.
  • If your explorer is in integration with extensions (SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox) to cloud servers, disable these extensions for a while and see if it crashed again. If it does not, let your explorer be without any of these.
  • As mentioned above, this may have caused due to a corrupted or lost system file. To examine your system files, use Windows powered utility named System File Checker. In this connection, type SFC /SCANNOW in the Command Prompt screen and press Enter. It will scan each file and automatically rectify the damages.
  • After this entire struggle, if you are still experiencing a disobedient File Explorer, opt to Refresh your PC. This will take your settings back to default, without affecting any of your programs and files. Go to PC Settings and do Refresh My PC. You would have to insert the installation disc, when required, and follow the instructions appearing on your screen.

Whenever you recover your system after a tense situation, make sure to create a restore point, as it would help you in reviving your settings back in any future apprehensive circumstance.


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