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Fixing Dead Space 3 PC Errors

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Earlier this year, Electronic Arts (EA Games) released the third episode of Dead Space (Dead Space 3), an eminent action and shooting game. Soon after its release, gamers and experts engaged in reporting many disputed matters regarding this game. Some of these matters are irrepressible, while, we can influence others to attain a satisfactory performance.

Fix Dead Space 3

Collected from different discussion forums and blogs, stated below are certain kinds of miscalculations found.

–          DS3 Error While Downloading

–          DS3 Icon Not Appearing

–          DS3 Stuck While Scanning

–          DS3 Headphone Not Working

–          DS3 Frequently Crashing

–          DS3 AutoSave Not Happening

These problems are addressed in best possible way, as described in the detailed fixes given below. Please read them out and smear, as required by your system.

DS3 Error While Downloading

Error 262149:-3 an error usually appeared while downloading EA games from Origin. To avoid receiving this error, use the latest version of Origin and run it in the Administrative mode. Disable your firewalls and add Origin plus your game, in the whitelist if your antivirus program. Moreover,

–          Open Origin client and Show Game Details.

–          Click Cloud button on DS3 and uncheck the box next to enable cloud storage for all games

–          Once the game is installed and launched, re-enable this option.

DS3 Icon Not Appearing

Some users have protested against the non-appearing game icon on their game client. To troubleshoot this situation, just give it a spark by restarting the client. If it does not work out for you,

–          Open your Origin Client and go to My Games

–          Access the Show tab and select Hidden Games

DS3 Stuck While Scanning

There are users, able to locate the game icon and start the game session. All they moan about is the process hanged while Scanning DLC. Following are a couple of simple solutions in this regard.

–          Restart the Origin client, as it may need to be refreshed

–          Uninstall and re-install Origin client in the same directory where games are being downloaded

DS3 Headphone Not Working

A few of those, who get through the previously stated issues, somehow, may experience the sound issue. If you are unable to listen any sounds via your headphones, do as directed in the below mentioned tips.

–          Right click the sound icon in the lower right corner of your screen

–          On the Playback tab, right click Communication Headphones and choose to Disable it

DS3 Frequently Crashing

There may be multiple reasons behind a crashing Dead Space 3. With this opinion, there are multiple fixes stated below. Try all out of them and get your issues resolved.

–          Shutdown your Firewall or open its settings to assure it is not in conflict with the game

–          Remove the peripheral devices and Disable their drivers (if any), as they may cause trouble

–          Scan your Windows Registry for any errors and Repair/Fix these errors for a clean registry

–          Download and install the latest versions of Drivers for your Sound and GFX

DS3 AutoSave Not Happening

Unfortunately, there is no prescribed solution for this issue. As it seems to be a bug, Electronic Arts (EA) will soon be coming up with an update or patch to fix this issue. While being on a side quest in Dead Space 3, try to complete the mission before resigning from the game.

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