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How to Remove KBDSOCK.DLL Virus Manually

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Kbdsock.dll is quite a dangerous and harmful malware. It is featured to spread across the drives and directories, and conflict with applications, processes, and services, causing certain system failures. It searches for antiviruses that are not updated since a while, and intrudes into the system, trouncing that antivirus. Once entered, it automatically integrates itself into the startup programs, and loads as soon as the system starts. This is the reason an antivirus fails to kill it, as it loads before the security solution and suppresses it. Many victims of KBDSOCK.DLL think it to be incurable, and prefer installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Well, you do not need to go this way. Your presence on this article confirms your will to fight this threat, and we will guide you in doing so. Described underneath is a detailed procedure to analyze, localize, and minimalize its impact, which will make it easy to kill KBDSOCK.DLL

  • Restart your system to boot in the Safe Mode with Networking, to prevent Startup programs from loading. This will make KBDSOCK.DLL sleep while the system loads.
  • Locate the file in a known directory – C:\WINDOWS\System32\kbdsock.dll
  • Right click .dll file while holding Shift key, and select Delete to remove it permanently
  • Search through the directories to target kbdsock.dll at different locations
  • Found in the Search results, Delete all infected files or files containing malicious element
  • Open Windows Registry Editor
  • Locate a known registry entry named AppInit_DLLs in the following route
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\AppCertDlls
  • Right click AppInit_DLLs entry and select Delete to remove it
  • Search through the Windows Registry to target kbdsock.dll related entries
  • Found in the Search results, Delete all infected keys or entries containing malicious element
  • Delete all temporary internet files to eliminate the contained malicious elements
  • Conduct complete system scan through an online scanner or a portable lightweight antivirus
  • Go to the System Configuration and access the Startup tab
  • Disable all startup items as a precaution
  • Reboot your PC into a normal mode
  • Before moving further, scan you PC with multiple virus scanners and clean your registry from virus entries with help of safe registry cleaner.

Hopefully, you would have found this manuscript useful in identifying, locating, and eliminating kbdsock.dll malware. It is recommended to update your virus on regular basis and acquire new virus definitions.

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