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Accelerate your Operations by Creating Shortcuts in Windows 8

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The most convenient and speedy way to work is by using Computers. You can perform whatever you want, through your fingertips. But as being a human, we always demand for more. That is the reason; we are always in search of shortcuts to execute a process. Through this editorial, we will educate you with one of the easiest ways to optimize your Windows 8, and create shortcuts of your frequently used applications and Windows features.

 Accelerate your Operations by Creating Shortcuts in Windows 8

Shortcut to Applications

Windows 8 is a platform where you incorporate or install bulk of applications, according to your need. Once a program is set up, you may find it difficult to locate it, with the minimum time taken. One of the easy ways is to search by typing in the start screen, but to do so; you must know exactly how it spells, every time. If this issue is your major concern, here is an easier way to reach your desired software package, by creating a shortcut on the Start screen. Following is a sequenced process to achieve this.

  • Press Windows key + C to view the Charms bar
  • In the Charms bar, click on the Start icon
  • On the Start screen, type the name of anticipated application to initiate a search
  • In the search results, identify the icon of your desired program and right click it.
  • An Options panel would appear in the bottom of screen
  • Click on Pin to Start icon in this panel
  • A shortcut of this application will be created in the Start screen

You can now easily track it down through the Start screen, whenever you want. If in future, you find your Start screen over crowded, and want to remove shortcuts you have created, just right click the shortcut to view the same Options panel. Choose Unpin from Start to exterminate it.

Shortcut to Power button

Traditionally, Microsoft Windows users were fond of an easy to reach Power button in the Start menu at your Desktop. However, in Windows 8, elimination of Start menu from Desktop screen has also vanished the easy way to Shut down, Restart, and Log off. In this pack of operating system, you have to access settings, through Charms bar, to view and click the power button. Some users may perceive it to be a lengthy way. If you are one of such users, read the following instructions carefully.

  • Open File explorer of your Windows 8
  • Right click and choose New to create a Shortcut
  • In the Create Shortcut wizard, type shutdown /s /t 0 in the required path, and click Next
  • Name this shortcut as Shutdown in the subsequent screen, and click Finish
  • An shortcut to an executable file be created in your File explorer
  • Right click this shortcut icon and choose Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar for your ease.

Be cautious with this shortcut, as a mistaken click on it would impulsively wind up your session. This cannot be stopped once executed.

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