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Speed Up Windows 8 (8.1) By Stopping Programs at Startup

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Note: This tutorial Also Works for Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is undoubtedly a faster operating system when compared with previous Windows versions. It boots up quickly and offers an optimized platform to work with. However, with time passing by, when you load it with various needed programs and apps, the speed starts to stumble a bit and then slowdowns rapidly with more programs coming in.

This fact is illustrated not to prevent or warn you to stop installing new apps and programs on your system because it might run as slower as turtle. The point to bring it into discussion is to let users know how these apps suck memory even when you are not using them.

Most of the software and apps on your system are often set (by default) to start automatically when Windows boots. So, if you have a number of programs that start at startup, you are likely to face slow startup. In addition, these programs will consume a considerable amount of memory, which would not let Windows 8 to perform to its fullest potential.


Therefore, you are advised to stop these speed absorbers in at startup so you can enjoy a maximized system performance. While there are many ways  to disable Startup Applications,  a simple way is to use Registry Recycler which also offers you to disable Startup apps in a single Click. In general it is a registry software, which is best when you need to fix your windows registry errors to optimize its performance. However, it does offer an additional feature i.e. Disable Startup Programs. Let’s have a look at it how you can use it to stop startup apps.

  • Once installed, double click the icon to open it
  • Go to its Startup section

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 8

  • You will see a list of programs that start automatically when your system starts.
  • You can either Disable All or Disable Selected programs as per your preference.
  • This will make your Windows 8 run faster.

Once done with using its Startup feature, you are recommended to try Defrag and Scanner as they both are necessary in order to keep your registry settings aligned and optimize the system performance. Watch Registry Recycler tutorial to see how you can use it to fix your registry errors.

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