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How to Enable Audio/Video Chat in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is one of the most acclaimed web browsers, at this time, and according to Wikimedia, it has more than 44% of the concerned market share. Among its key distinguishing features, Synchronization is worth of debate. Through a single login, you can access to a number of different portals that you have integrated. Furthermore, the multimedia features of this browser have elevated its significance for a common user.

How to Enable Audio and Video Chat on Google Chrome

Still, it is a manmade value and is subjected to encounter problems. A much-heard issue, reported against this browser is the disability of Audio Video Chat. It is, sometimes perceived, as this browser does not support such operations at all. It is to reconcile this perception by suggesting a simple resolution to the issue. After reading, learning, and implementing this registry tweak, you will be able to connect with your friends, family, and peers through the same multi-colored ball.

To act upon the instructions in this support note, we usually suggest an IT literate person. Follow these steps carefully to tailor your browser.

  • Point you cursor in the upper right corner of your Desktop screen to view Charm bar
  • Click on the Search icon, in the Charm bar
  • In the Search box, type ‘regedit’ and hit Enter, to open Registry Editor
  • In the left panel of Registry Editor, navigate to Google Talk Plugin key, via the path underneath

Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Google \ Google Talk Plugin

  • Click to highlight the registry key Google Talk Plugin
  • In the left panel of registry editor, right click to create New 32-bit DWORD Value
  • Name this newly created value as neven_mft_installed
  • Double click this value to Modify
  • In the field next to Value Data, put ‘1’ to activate it
  • Click OK to save your changes
  • Close Registry Editor
  • Reboot your computer

Although this is the relevant registry value to commence the Audio Video chat in Google Chrome, make sure the following values also exist and activated, within the Google Talk Plugin key.

  • DWORD Value: CrashReporterKeyPath

Value Data: 0

  • DWORD Value: D3DXRedistKeyPath

Value Data: 0

  • DWORD Value: DriverBlacklistKeyPath

Value Data: 0

  • String Value: install_dir

Value Data: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Google\Google Talk Plugin\

  • DWORD Value: neven_lm_installed

Value Data: 1

  • DWORD Value: nevem_sft_installed

Value Data: 1

Rerun your Google Chrome with compatibility and enjoy having Audio Video conferencing without populating your system with multimedia messengers. For an optimized system performance, keep your registry free of errors with this registry cleaner.

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