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Resolve Typing Problems

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Are you bothered with the minimal typing errors that break your inputting pulse? Does your system not rectify these errors spontaneously? Do you want a quick and sound resolution to this issue? Go through this article and get fulfillment.

While composing detailed text documents, operators often report issues that hinder smooth typing speed. Repeated letters, slower backspace time capacity, and unnatural double strokes can prolong your task completion. This is definitely not welcomed, especially when you have to meet the deadlines. Through simple adaptations in Windows Registry, you can achieve the desired workflow.

It is notified that making changes in registry is a sensitive job to do and require certain expertise. Ordinary slipups can cause serious consequences. You are suggested, to consult an IT literate person or read the instructions carefully before altering the values. Make a backup of your registry using a registry cleaner, as a precaution, before getting started.

Below is the sequential procedure to edit the concerned value in Windows Registry.

  • Windows 8 users can point their cursor to the upper right corner of their Desktop screen
  • Click on the Search icon on the Charm bar
  • Windows 7 users can simply press Windows key to view the Search box in Start menu
  • In the Search box, type ‘regedit’ and hit Enter to open Registry Editor
  • In the left panel of registry editor, navigate to Keyboard Response key, via following route

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Response

  • While Keyboard Response key is highlighted, locate AutoRepeatedRate value in the right panel
  • Double click this AutoRepeatedRate value to Modify
  • It should be 500 in the field next to Value Data, by default
  • Auto Repeated Rate of 500 means 0.5 second of minimum time set to ignore unnatural strokes
  • Replace this value with 100 to make it 0.1 second of minimum time set
  • Click OK to save


  • In the same area, locate other values named BounceTime and Last BounceKey Setting
  • Doubly click this value to Modify
  • Set both values with Value Data as 10


  • Click OK to save
  • Close Registry Editor
  • Reboot your computer

These adjustments would let your PC automatically fix the minor differences in your typing. You will experience the changes, next time you open a text document. Still, if it does not match your typing capacity, try to rearrange the figures in Value Data, slightly, and fine-tune them, as you desire. After a final smarten up, scan, and fix your registry errors.

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