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How to Revive Your Shortcut Icons

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Shortcuts are the expedient file associations for an easy access. A shortcut file directed towards its concerned executable file .exe, and acts as a proxy. Shortcuts are usually placed on Desktop, Quick launch, and Start menu etc. These are also referred technically as Shell links, and use a .lnk file extension.

Users have been reporting the issue of destroyed, distorted, and distracted shortcuts. This might be the reason of a malware disruption or a thread broken by an AV application. While affected, a double click on such icons performs no action. It must be frustrating to click every time and wait for just nothing.

This post encloses an easy way to get back your shortcuts on path. A small registry tweak can find you a way out of this situation. Through some simple steps mentioned below, you can regain your convenient access to your programs and applications.

  • Click here to download the registry file for .lnk file extensions
  • Press Windows key on your keyboard
  • Type ‘regedit’ in the search box, and hit Enter to open Registry Editor
  • Go to the File menu, by clicking on File in the Menu bar
  • Choose Import in the File Menu
  • Locate the .reg file downloaded for the link given above
  • Hit Enter to import the file
  • Exit Registry Editor
  • Reboot your computer


You have now retained your right to access your frequently used programs more handily.

Refresh your Registry

You have recently made some changes in your Windows Registry. As you reboot you PC after every major modification, similarly, you have to refresh you registry database on each registry change. You are advised to use a free reliable registry cleaner to refresh your Windows registry.

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