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Organize Your Windows 8 Settings through ‘GODMODE’


In the initial stages of its release, Windows 8 was perceived as similar to the verdict made by a cruel dictator, regardless to the consent of general population. But as the time passed, it gradually transformed into a fragrant bid, as it was just a matter of exploration. In this article, we will concentrate on a specific issue, which was a major reason for subject version of Windows to be under attack. Being precise, it was the problems in getting it personalized. It has now been confirmed that there are numerous ways to achieve this end. Through diversified manners of settings, scattered around, a user can completely convert this operating system to his/her pet. In this regard, we are just aiming to bring these diffused settings under a roof.



GodMode is an integrated folder, enclosing all types of settings involved in Windows 8. These settings, once spread across the Windows, can now be contained in a single strongbox. You can place this folder to your desktop screen for an easy access and alter your preferences any time you want. It is also notified that the procedure is applicable in Windows 7 too. To get on the go, follow the easy instructions given underneath.

  • Open File Explorer, known as Windows Explorer in earlier version of Windows
  • Go to the View tab
  • Locate Hidden items and File name extensions in the Ribbon.
  • Check the boxes next to them
  • Right click on the Desktop, go to New, and select Folder, to create a new folder
  • Name the folder with following string


  • The folder icon would change, adapting the name GodMode
  • Rename the folder as per your desire
  • Double click this folder to access and modify your system settings

Upon a double click, this folder sanctions your entrée to loads of categories. Each category expands to view dozens of subsequent settings. There is nothing related to settings that you cannot find in this area.


While talking about Settings, we cannot ignore the significance of Windows Registry. Each amendment in settings can be referred as an indirect amendment in Windows Registry. Therefore, the GodMode utility can also be referred as a user-friendly interface of Registry Editor. It is a known fact that editing the registry results in some residual refused items and scrubbing the registry for these items is much acclaimed. You can do this either by manually identifying and deleting the unemployed stuff contained in your registry, or by acquiring third party services such as Registry Recycler to perform this task for you.

2 thoughts on “Organize Your Windows 8 Settings through ‘GODMODE’

  1. I must be missing something. After checking the boxes as directed, I created a new folder on the desktop and copy/pasted your string as its name. The folder icon did not change. When I double click on the folder, it is empty. Advice?

  2. @Erica

    Apologies. You did not miss anything. i did a little fix to the string previously, it was


    and now changed to


    Just wondering, how a little mistake can ruin an entire process 🙂

    Hopefully, you will see the icon this time around !

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