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Get Rid of Frequently Appearing Reboot Alert By Windows Update

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Can you imagine talking to your girlfriend on Skype, while an alert frequently popping right out of your taskbar, vowing you to restart your computer? Would you really confirm such alert and abandon whatever you are up to? The answer is definitely a big fat ‘NO’.

This behavior of Windows Update is problematic for many Window operators. To avoid such alerts you can simply disable it from the Windows Update settings. However, this is only possible before receiving such alerts. Let us show you a simple registry tweak to eliminate this problem as soon as it appears.

Given below are some guidelines to perform this job in a manual way. To executive this task, you have to use Registry Editor, a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, you are cautioned to be careful, as some sensitive data exists among these registry entries.


  • Press Window key
  • Type ‘regedit’ in the Search box, and press Enter
  • An alert will prompt you to confirm your action. Click OK and proceed
  • Locate the Automatic Update key with the name ‘AU’ following the given path


  • Go to Edit, select New, and create a 32-bit DWORD value
  • Name is value as ‘NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers’
  • Double click the newly created value to Modify
  • Put ‘1’ in the text box beneath the Value Data
  • Exit Registry Editor

Congratulations! You can carry on with your important stuff without receiving any restart alerts from Windows Automatic Update. However, the action performed can be reversed by revising the first five steps of the above guidelines and deleting the newly created value.

Scan for Registry Errors

Whenever you make changes to the settings, especially the changes modifying the registry values, some unwanted information is left over. This solicited information can cause errors in your Windows Registry. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to perform a thorough scan of your registry to identify the possible errors and fix them. You can download free registry cleaner to ensure the safety of your registry. Doing this will help you to be on a safer side while getting rid of the irritating reboot alerts.


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