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FAQs about “Add Features to Windows 8”

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You might have heard about “Add Features to Windows 8” which is not available in some editions of Windows 8. To activate this feature in wndows8, you need to purchase a key online. Furthermore, you must have installed the activated copy of Windows 8.


Here are some FAQS about the “Add features to Windows 8.” I hope you will get clear after this. Therefore, follow the below queries and their answers.



What Is “”Add Features to Windows 8”

In this, you will be able to get new edition of Windows 8, which has more added features as compare to your current one. You need to purchase a reliable product key. In addition, make sure you are purchasing a product key, which is precisely for “add featured to Windows 8.” When you get the product key, enter it into “add features to Windows.” So that, new and exciting features will be added to your system. Moreover, your programs and settings will not be affected.




What Are The New Features Available For Windows 8?

You will find two features packs in this.

1)      Windows Media center pack: it will offer you different exciting features about Windows media center. However, for his you must have installed window s8 pro pack

2)      Windows 8 pro pack: it is here to enhance the networking and data encryption features.



How to Install Features:

You can install the features by following the below procedure.

1)      From your Start screen, navigate o the Search option

2)      Click on Search

3)      Type Add Features in Search box

4)      Click Settings

5)      Click on Add Features to Windows 8

6)      Enter Product key

7)      Click Next

8)      Click to accept the License Terms

9)      Click on Add Features

10)   Follow the instructions and new features will be added.



How to Purchase a Product Key For “Add Features to Windows 8”

You can purchase it online form the manufacturer website. However, it is also available on any electronic store. Moreover, you are recommended to purchase the key, which is particularly for “add features to Windows 8”


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