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How to Enable/Disable Speakers in Windows 8


Like previous versions of Windows, you can also customize Windows 8. Often times, users think changes may be risky in new operating system. However, it is easy to do any task in Windows 8. Furthermore, I have mentioned the enabling and disabling of speakers in it. Like me, many users make this change for many reasons. If you want to enable or disable the speakers in Windows 8, follow the below steps:



Enable And Disable The Audio Devices:

  1. Navigate to the Volume icon in notification area of Screen.
  2. Right click on it
  3. Select Playback Devices from the list
  4. All (audio) connected devices will be listed like, headphones and other audio devices
  5. You will see all are Enabled by default
  6. Select the Device and click Configure for the modification
  7. Now click Properties
  8. Here you can Enable /Disable the device in the Device Usage option.


To Disable the Device:

  1. Select “Don’t Use The Device
  2. Click Apply
  3. Audio devices will be removed now.


To Enable the Device:

  1. Navigate to the Playback Devices
  2. Right click on the area  where Devices were listed.
  3. Choose “Show Disabled Devices
  4. Disabled devices will be shown
  5. Right click the device and select “Enable
  6. Now your speakers will be enabled.

2 thoughts on “How to Enable/Disable Speakers in Windows 8

  1. Thanks, works like a dream.

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