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5 Top Apps for Windows 8 Users

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So finally, you have installed windows 8. I am sure it is a wise step to enjoy the latest features of Microsoft’s new product. In addition, you may still look for the different desktop programs that may work best in the new operating system. However, you can improve windows 8 performance by installing few necessary programs. Moreover, these programs are available to make your work easier. Often times, users find it difficult to choose the applications. Therefore, download and install the following programs. I hope it will work great for you.


 1.       Work Notes Pro:

It is a professional note taking application. In addition, it is designed for Metro UI. In this, you will be able to save notes, record audio/video clips, and images. You can make changes inside it for your ease. Moreover, you will get the choice to synchronize your data to SkyDrive account (your own).

 2.       Custom Tiles Maker:

It is an application, which is specially designed for tiles modification. In addition, you can make custom tiles on the start screen with your own choice of images. Moreover, these tiles may be simple, changing, or random. In addition, changing tiles are change after a particular time.

3.       Format Converter X:

You may find different media convertor applications on the net. However, Format Converter X is more suitable for windows 8. It is an audio and video convertor app. With this app, you will be able to convert your audio and video file formats to other multiple formats.

AAC, WMA, MP3, WMV, MP4 are new conversion options you will find in it.

4.       Digital Diary:

You would have experienced with the traditional old style text diary. In addition, Digital Diary is the digitalized version of that diary. However, in this you can save your photos, various events, and daily diary. Moreover, you will find following features in the digital diary:

  • Password Authentication
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Today’s Page
  • Narration
  • Images of the Day
  • Events of the Day

 5.       Fhotoroom:

Users are always in search to find a best editing software for their pictures. That is why Fhotoroom is specially designed for the pictures editing. In addition, it is a professional app and designed for the touch interface. You will find following advanced editing tools: Styles, Color balancing, Frames, Crop, exposure, resize and more on.


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