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How to Create Tiles for Shutdown and Installed Programs

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Windows 8 is with numerous new features. Users are enjoying the new utilities and a new transformed form of operating system. However, they are still looking for the shortcuts on the Start Screen. Windows shutdown is the option, users want to access more quickly when they are done with work. In addition, whenever a program is installed, its tile is created on the Start Screen. However, some tiles are ignored. You can create tiles of your choice on the Start Screen. Moreover, there are many things you need to explorer and optimize Windows 8.


Windows 8 Features


If you want to enjoy a great experience in Windows 8, follow the below procedure.



Create A Tile For Shutdown:

Here you will learn how to create a shutdown tile for quick access without navigating too much.


  1. You need to move to Desktop Mode
  2. For this, click the Desktop Tile or press Windows key + D
  3. On the desktop in any open spot, press Right Click
  4. Select New Shortcut
  5. Type “shutdown /p” in the location bar (this is done to create a tile for shutdown)
  6. Click Next button
  7. You can give a name to the shortcut, which is just created, or leave it with default name
  8. Click Finish button
  9. Once you are done, Right Click on the newly created shortcut and select Pin to Start
  10. After this, move back to the Metro Screen (start screen).
  11. You will find a new tile with name Shutdown
  12. It will work from now onwards. Moreover, check its working by taping it.
  13. Your system will shut down (if the shutdown tile is working)



Create A Tile For Installed Programs:


If you do not see tile of some installed programs, then follow the below procedure. You will be able to create a tile of your desired program.


  1. Move to the Start Screen of Windows 8
  2. Click on All Apps
  3. You will find all installed apps on your Screen
  4. Navigate to the Program, which you want to see on Start Screen
  5. Right click on it
  6. Select Pin To Start button
  7. A tile for that program will be created on the Start Screen

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