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Microsoft Windows 8 – FAQ

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Microsoft Windows 8 is still in news although Microsoft is launching Windows 8.1. Users have queries about its features, usage, and applications. On other hand, we all know that Windows 8 is a good addition in the Windows family, especially for those who use touch screen laptops and Mac. However, it works great on desktop and traditional laptops. Computer geeks find their answers with quick move. In addition, an average user needs to find out answers of their queries in order to understand Windows 8.

windows 8 answers and questions

Here are the some frequently asked questions with answers. You need to follow to get more know how about Windows 8.



How to Close an Application:

Generally, users have assumption that installed application from the Windows store slow down your system. This is not a fact; you do not need to terminate application. In addition, applications run in the background while you are performing any other action. Moreover, your operating system will automatically close these applications if you do not use them for long time while logged in.

If you want to close manually, then follow the below procedure:


  1. Click on the top of the Application
  2. Drag the application to the bottom of the Screen
  3. It is recommend that you manually close the application when ready to shut down the system



Why An Application Disappeared?

At time, you do not find installed application on the screen from the Start. It happens when an application is unpinned from the start. Follow the procedure to make it visible and easily accessible.


  1. Navigate to the Search charm
  2. click Apps from the list
  3. Enter the name of the application you looking for
  4. You will find the application in the list
  5. Right click on it
  6. Select “Pin to Start”
  7. Note: if you do not find application from the search and in the application list, then download the application from the Windows store.



What Is Running In Back?

After using the application, press Windows key. You will switch back to the start screen of Windows.

It does not mean application is closed. In fact, your application will still run in background.

However, you may speculate how to navigate to that application as there is no taskbar.


  1. Press Alt + Tab
  2. You will find the running application
  3. Moreover, press Ctrl + shift + Esc
  4. “Task manager” will launch, you can see all running applications.

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