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News and Rumors about Windows 8.1 – Release and Features

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The users always appreciate change in term of technology. Microsoft released Windows 8, which had already created hype in the users. In addition, after Windows 8 users are waiting for its upgraded version. Many people are creating and spreading rumors about Windows 8.1/Blue. There will be an update version available for the users, already using Windows 8. On other hand, Microsoft claimed that a big change would be added in the new version.

Wind0ws 8.1 info


Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue?


  • Internet sources said that Windows Blue is the codename for Windows 8 major upgrade.
  • On other hand, some reports have stated that Windows blue is the only official name for new version of Windows 8.
  • A resource person claimed that it is the only Windows 8.1, which will release with same name.
  • You can find on internet that the new updates will be available in the market with update version titled.
  • However, it is still not finalized about the name of new version.


Features in New Windows:


  • Microsoft is busy in building new applications in new version of Windows 8.
  • The main feature is to run applications side by side on smaller screen devices.
  • A user can split/share screen by 50/50 between various applications.
  • Our Resources said that Microsoft would be upgrading Sky Drive integration. In which, auto uploads of camera and more backup options will be added.
  • Some sources said that internet explorer 11 would be included in it with new features.
  • Moreover, applications will be easier than Windows 8, including easy customization of desktop and easy menu options.



Live Tiles In New Version:

In the new version of Windows 8, users will have option to resize the live tiles.



Charm Bar:

Charm bar in the new version will be more improved. In addition, a user will have direct access to advanced settings in the charm bar.


Start Manu:

Experts have said that traditional Start Menu, which was ignored in the Windows 8, will be added in new version.


Price, Release, and Availability:

New upgrade version will be available in the mid or late of year 2013, as Microsoft has not announced the date. However, it will be available on the Windows 8 update portal. Price is still not released. However, only few months are left in releasing of new upgraded version.

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