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Windows tablets fly to 7% market share

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Originally posted on Bill Bennett:

Windows 8 is barely taxiing on the runway as a PC operating system, but Microsoft has already made a splash in the tablet market. Figures from Strategy Analytics show the operating system had a 7.4% share of the global tablet market in the first three months of 2013.

Apple remains the dominant player with a 48.2% share, down from 63.1% a year earlier. Android’s share increased from 34.2% to 43.4%.

I discussed this last night on the NZ Tech Podcast with Paul Spain, who made an interesting point. There are no cheap Windows 8 tablets and Microsoft has yet to deliver a version that works with a seven-inch screen. So Windows 8 only plays in the top end of the market.

Smaller tablets – which are also cheaper tablets – make up roughly half the total market. So that means Microsoft’s share of the full-size tablet market is closer to 15%.

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