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How to Add or Delete Contacts in Windows 8 People App

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Bringing all your contacts in one place for single or multiple times’ use had never been easy and that’s what Microsoft wanted to change. So Microsoft introduced “People” app in Windows 8 to let people add and manage the contacts they communicate with on a daily basis or occasionally within the limit of their personal or professional relations. The People app completes the need for an Address Book in modern devices and besides helps users fetch details like phone numbers, email addresses, and locations etc. and stay updated with the updates and recent activities from their social networks. Microsoft revamped the user experience with the People app and you can experience it too if you use it. You can add, delete or manage your contacts in Windows 8 People app this way (check the instructions given below).

people app in windows 8

Step 1

Tap/click the “People” tile on your Windows 8 Home…

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