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Useful Tweaks to Customize Windows 8

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Windows 8 is an elegant operating system, which look good at first sight. Many users have this problem is getting friendly with Windows 8. You can even do some tweaks to customize Windows 8 to have more out of it. In this article, we will discuss few use tips for new Windows 8.


Change Start Screen background

If you want to change tiles and start screen image then press Win + I, now click ‘Change PC settings’ and select Personalization option. By browsing tabs, you can choose alternative image or background image. You are able to enable status of apps when screen is lock. It is accessible from Personalization settings.

Scheduled maintenance

Unlike any other Windows, you can add as schedule for software updates, system diagnostic, and security scanning. Interestingly, it does not ask you convenient time at first and set at 3am and wakeup your system at that time. If you are not comfortable with it, you can change.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click System and security
  3. Now click Action Centre
  4. Then Maintenance
  5. Click Start Maintenance (If you want to launch now)
  6. Choose Change maintenance settings

In this way, you can set maintenance schedule of your choice.

Use picture password

Windows 8 enable you to use picture password. Instead of typing, a password to login to your computer you can use a picture. On picture, it needs to draw a combination of lines and circles. Only who can redraw that combination will be able to login. To do this,

  1. Press Win + I
  2. Click More PC Settings
  3. Click Users
  4. Choose, Create a picture password

Sleep or hibernate

You would probably unable to find sleep or hibernate button but it’s there. Go to Control Panel Power Options and click ‘Choose what the power buttons do’. You may see a link called ‘Change Settings that are currently unavailable’ click the link and Windows 8 will detect if your PC supports sleep and hibernate mood. Choose desired options and click Save Changes. It will now appear in shutdown dialogue box.

Simplify search option

Windows 8 search every program or bundle related to search term. You never want to search some categories. To do this, press Win + I > Change PC Setting > Search and now choose apps that you do not want to include. Now it is much easier to find required information.

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