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6 Useful Tips to Defend your PC Against Deadly Viruses

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You must be aware about rising potential threats to computer. Internet is going crazy about viruses and malware. Users are unable to stop of all of them. It will be less likely to attack by viruses and threats if you follow some precautionary measures, which are describe in this article.


It is stated in a report that annual expense of malware increased by $10 billion over the decade. According to Google 1 in every 10 website infected by a malware named ‘drive by’, even some seemingly safe websites were victim.

We have a list of precautions that a user can follow to prevent against viruses.

Install a good anti-virus

Many users have anti-virus that came free with a bundle of other services. Such programs are good to protect your PC but growing numbers of threats someone become uncontrollable. These free programs are not much dependable and it is good idea to have a pro version of anti-virus. It does not only update frequently but also provide better security against malware and viruses. It allows you to use additional features.

Install anti-spyware

Many users believe that anti-virus is responsible for all the threats in computer and its enough. However, internet is full of spyware and adware. For this sake, some users have free anti spyware, which is good. It detects spyware but could not remove them efficiently. It is recommended to have professional version of anti-spyware. This software required to remove infections that already present.

Keep anti-malware

To work anti-malware fine, anti-virus, and spyware needs to regular updates. Four years back AVG release a report on fast moving anti-virus stated that 10,000 to 30,000–malware move on web every day.

Computer users must keep licenses updated and ensure anti-malware programs are running smoothly. These threats are now been moving fast due to social media.

Routine scans

To restrict virus and threats actively, computer must scan on a routine. Increasing number of viruses and make it difficult to live perfectly. Daily scans or routine scans add a layer of protection to computer that restricts damages.

Disable auto run

Many viruses made to spread if your computer is on auto run mood. Disable automatic run of CD’s, flash drive and other devices. Microsoft article is available on this. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967715

Beware of anonymous emails

Do no open emails other than your friends and colleagues. Whenever, you open an email a threat enter into your computer and start biting it inside. Use reliable email servers that have anti-virus installed.

There are lot more precautions you can follow. However, doing these simple tricks you can prevent yourself.

Recommended: Every once in a week, you must scan your system with a safe anti-virus system, which will clean your system. Besides, do not forget to use reliable registry cleaning software, which will clean the viruses’ entries from Windows registry.

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