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We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

How Upgrade Assistant help Updating Windows 8

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It is quite pleasant feeling to use an updated Windows with multiple new features and optimize PC. You must first download and install Windows 8 upgrade assistant who will give you compatibility report and more steps to buy any download.

If you already have Windows 8, and you want to go back to previous version of Windows, you need recovery and installation media that came with your PC. Before you go for Upgrade check PC manufacturer’s website.

How to Upgrade Windows8

How to redeem a special offer

If you have a special offer code, use this promotional code to get a discounted price. When you will on buy screen, it will show full price. Enter the code and price will change to reflect the promotional price now click Apply.

Note: if your PC is currently have Windows 7, your apps, settings, and files will transfer to Windows 8 but if you are running a version older than Windows 7 like; Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will have to reinstall apps after upgrade. You can also run upgrade assistant without having Windows 8. To check other devices will work with windows 8, plug in before you run Windows assistant.

What Upgrade Assistant Do

Major tasks that an upgrade assistant can do are following:

Upgrade assistant scan hardware, apps, and other devices to check if they are working with Windows 8. Make sure that all other devices like printers and scanners attached to your computer and turned on. It will check if your computer meets requirements of Windows 8 including processor and CPU speed, RAM size, and hard drive space. Moreover, it checks compatibility of installed apps and devices.

Compatibility report – It will also provide you a compatibility report. Various applications and devices are same for Windows 8 as in Windows 7. In some cases, few products needs upgrade or you may need to reinstall. Report will list all the apps and devices that are compatible with Windows 8. In later on if you find that some apps and devices were not listed, it is possible that they don’t have such information.

You can print compatibility report to user later on or you can check box ‘keep nothing’ to keep report on your desktop after upgrade.

Support check – it further check your PC for support of certain features especially Windows store, secure boot, and multi touch. You will see a message if it does not support certain features.

Buy and download – it also enable you to buy and download Windows 8. If upgrade assistant think that it’s ready to roll the ball it will give you a list of recommendations.

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