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How to resolve Microsoft Games Install Shield Error Message

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Microsoft-Games-InstallShield-ErrorYou are playing game and stuck with an error is crazy. Encounter such situations is a routine for people who play games on computer but every error has a solution. Whenever, you play games, make sure that computer is free of registryerrors and viruses. For this sake, must have an anti-virus and best free registry cleaner. Moreover, you should timely maintain health of PC by using blower inside and checking either fan is working properly.

You may encounter to an error in Microsoft Install Shield Error. To diagnose this error you must know about symptoms.


Check if you have one of the following messages.

Error Message 1

Error-1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

Error Message 2

Error- 1628: failed to complete installation

These messages appear when installation shield application is corrupt or damaged.


To get over with this issue try following methods in order, which they are given

If you are unable to solve this by automatic method, try manual method, which is given afterwards.

Fix it for me

You can use fix it, which automatically fix problems. Click on the below link:


In the download box, click Run and follow steps.


In this process, Method 1 and Method 3 are automated solutions, if problem persist, you need other methods, which are manually.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista PC that have UAC enabled, click on “Cancel” when “Program capability Assistant” box appears. The wizard is in English language but automatic fix is also enabling users to choose their language.

If you are on a computer that has no problem then, save “Fix it” on flash drive or CD and run it on other computer, which is malfunction.

Fix it yourself – Method 1

Rename the Install Shield folder – to do this,

  1. Go to My Computer and open following folder.

DRIVE-Name/ Program Files /Common Files

  1. Right click on Install Shield folder and click Rename
  2. Now type InstallShield1 and press Enter
  3. Now try to install a game

If problem persist go to next method

Fix it yourself – Method 2

Install latest Windows installer package – to do this, visit Microsoft website: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=120486


  • Download correct file according to Windows version (e.g., .msu, .exe)
  • “x64” and “x86” means you have 64-bit Windows or 32-bit Windows respectively
  • If you are not sure about operating system then install x64 based version

To install a newer version of Windows installer latest by 4.5, use following link:


I hope that you can resolve this issue. In other case, Microsoft is always open to explore any issue.

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