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Fix Windows 8 using Advanced Startup Options

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Unlike, any other Windows, new Windows 8 is user friendly and understands better than previous versions. Its advanced startup tool is different from the tools on previous versions. If your computer is not working properly, it will appear automatically.


In this article, you can sort out the best way suits your needs. We have recovered several ways.

Choose an option

A window will appear with a heading ‘Choose and option’, click on troubleshoot option to access troubleshooting and repair. There are two more option that are ‘Continue’ and ‘Turn off your PC’. If you will choose an option among them, it will assume that your PC is working fine. You need to know about troubleshoot.


Troubleshoot option provides you two options either refresh or reset PC. This is useful if you are not able to get into Windows.

Refresh PC – refresh PC option enable you to take PC back to factory settings without deleting files and help of any other third party software. However, apps that are installed on desktop will be deleted.

Reset PC – resetting PC will take you back to factory setting. Personal files and settings will be deleted.

So, you are not sure, which option to pick, you can try ‘refresh’ and you will not lose all of your data. To do more, click on ‘Advanced options’.

Advanced option

The Advanced Screen has advance troubleshooting and repair options, which are discussed below.

Systems restore – you can restore your computer to an earlier point. This is same as in other windows. If you are having problem with boot, it may help you.

System Image Recovery – you can even restore your PC using System image recovery option. The option overwrites computer state and files. You have to use Windows 7 backup tools in Windows 8 to create a system image.

Automatic Repair – try to automatically repair issues that prevent Windows from booting improperly. If you are experiencing problem booting your computer, this option worth trying.

Command Prompt – open command prompt and it allows you to run various command to troubleshoot and fix your computer. Advanced users should only use this option. It requires you to know about commands.

Startup settings – this option allow you to modify number of startup options. You can do so many things as if you can enable safe mode or disable automatic restart. It will show you error if your computer is continuously victim of blue screen and rebooting.

If you think that you are not much intelligible to fix computer problems then ‘Automatic Repair’ option is worth trying. If you think that none of these will work, try refreshing your PC. It will definitely give you relief.

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