Optimize Windows 10 & Windows 8 (8.1)

We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

Keep Windows 8 Secure

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Rumors that Windows 8 is just a slap on Windows 7 is not true. Windows 8 has lot of modifications and security updates. It has integrated antivirus, application reputation system, and protection from boot time. It not just keeps your PC running but plays a role to optimize PC for best performance.

Few low-level security updates have been observed. Microsoft has not changed all of it but Windows 8 manage memory in a sensible way that makes security hard to exploit.


Integrated antivirus

Finally, Windows 8 has decided to provide an integrated antivirus program. It named as ‘Windows defender’ and this interface is familiar to anyone, who ever used Microsoft security essentials. You can also install any other antivirus. Windows defender will disable itself when you will have your own antivirus program. Besides everything, its integrated antivirus is capable to protect your computer.

Launch Anti-Malware

In Windows 8 antivirus products should launch earlier to scan system for malware. It also protects against rootkits that is hidden to antivirus program. Usually, Windows defender start earlier in boot process. Third party antivirus program also enable you to install anti-malware.

Smart Screen filter

Smart Screen filter was once used for only Internet Explorer but now it is available in Windows 8. It is now used to scan ‘exe’ files downloaded from internet. Windows will scan the file and send its signature to Microsoft’s server. If installer of application found ‘good’ then it will allow application to run. If it contains malware, Windows will prevent you to install this software. If windows would not be able to recognize or found new then it will ask you to bypass the warning.

This feature will help inexperienced users who download malicious software from internet. Even new malware can detect by SmartScreen filter as an unknown new program that Windows will allow with caution.

Secure Boot

New computer with UEFI firmware are able to provide Secure Boot guarantee over old BIOS. Only especially sign and boot program can run. In current scenario, malware could install a malicious boot loader, which actually loads before Windows boot loader. It start boot level toolkit before Window launch. Toolkit hides itself from Windows and antivirus software.

Windows 8 has been able to close major security loopholes and enable users to have a foolproof security of this era. It is not just end; later on you can install security updates from Microsoft and third party as well.

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