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A Comprehensive Solution to Windows 8 Updates

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solution-to-Windows8-updatesYou have Windows 8 and mesmerizing with its new interface. To make it more joy able you have decided to update Windows but have so many troubleshooting issues. You can deal with these issues and unbox other features.

You might get rid of some common issues by installing troubleshooter that automatically fixes common issues. Remember, that you must have an anti-virus and free registry cleaner for fixing Windows 8 registry errors.

How to – open Windows update troubleshooter by swiping from right edge of screen. If you are using a mouse, point mouse to upper right corner of screen and click search. Type ‘Troubleshooting’ in box and click settings. Click to open Troubleshooting. Click ‘Fix problems with Windows Update’ under tab ‘System and Security’.

One or more updates wasn’t installed

Few errors are just because of bad timings, internet connection failure, and some other reasons. You can fix this problem by trying to install that update again.

Tip: You can check updates in PC setting. If you are on touch pad, swipe from right edge of screen and if you are using a mouse, point to the upper right corner of screen. Now tap or click on ‘Change PC settings’. Tap or click ‘Windows Update’ under PC settings. Tap or click Check for Updates.

If you haven’t accepted Microsoft license terms then update again, review, and accept.

Enough disk space

If you do not have enough disk space, updates cannot install in your PC. Check, either you have enough free space available. If you do not have much space, you might have to delete internet temporary files, empty recycle bin or delete unnecessary files. You can also use disk cleanup tool in Windows

How to open – swipe from right edge of screen and tap search. If you are using mouse point to upper right corner of screen and click ‘Search’. Now type ‘Disk Cleanup’. Now tap or click on ‘Settings’ and click ‘Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files’.


Windows update might interrupted due to connection failure or you click on cancel. In this case, you have to reinstall updates. Sometimes internet connection slow down and cause interruption, you can also retry to resume updates.

Driver Update

Driver’s updates cause error while installing drivers of video card and other devices. These files are not compatible with Windows operating system and create errors. In this case, you should contact manufacturer.

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