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Customize Windows 8 Lock Screen

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So, you are looking at Windows 8 screen and recalling who have told you to install new Windows. It is not like that, you still windows8-lock-screen-tipshave options to customize windows 8 and enjoy the latest version of Windows. So put off your sleeves and learn ‘how you can customize Windows 8’ and live fullest.

Before doing anything to Windows 8 you must ensure that your computer is virus and errors free. For this sake, install a reliable anti-virus software and registry cleaner freeware. What they will do is – clean your computer from registry errors and viruses and you will feel dumped later on. Once you have done this, try following way to customize windows 8 lock screen.

Customize lock screen:

Whenever you boot up PC from wake to sleep, it show you a Window called lock screen. This screen displays time and image. Moreover, it shows status updates from programs and other notifications. It provides you a quick view without signing in to Windows 8. By default it shows notification from programs but you want to see updates from facebook or twitter. You can do it but even you can change image.

To do this – go to lock screen setting. To get there press Windows key + C, you can see charm bar and now select settings icon. Then click, “Change PC Setting” at the bottom of pan. A screen of PC setting will appear, under personalize tab choose “Lock Screen”. You can see lock screen image at the top. Now there are images that you can select. To use another image in PC you can browse and select desire image.

Look below the image and find “Lock screen Settings” in the “Lock screen bar”. There you can find icons that show notification of your screen. Find ‘plus’ sign and click, now you will see a list of apps that show notifications. Choose any; it will display alerts and other information that appear on lock screen. When you will click this sign it will not only show information of those displays but for others as well. If you will select one that already displaying information, nothing will happen. To stop this app displaying information, click this and then click “Don’t show quick status here”

Below this you will see another option ‘Choose an app to display detailed status’. Now this app will display more information than any other app. Remember that only weather and calendar app can display detail information. Only one app can show detailed information and you can change it anytime.

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