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How to Refresh Your Computer Using Windows 8

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Many users are enjoying Windows 8 with its new features. Moreover, Microsoft added many options in Windows 8. You can optimize Windows 8 with different tools. In which, a very smart option is refreshing PC. Yes! You can now refresh your PC without affecting files by this option.


Windows 8 refresh tool enables Windows to reinstall itself in PC. Installation process does not affect your system settings. Moreover, it saves your user account, personal files, downloaded applications from Windows store and other essential settings. Most important, when system is done with refresh action, you need to reinstall desktop programs. Select programs from the list and install.

Steps to Refresh System Using Windows 8:

You need to follow the below steps to refresh system using Windows 8.

a)      Launch Charm Bar and Settings:


  1. Press Windows key + C to launch Charm bar
  2. Charm bar can appear also  by navigating mouse cursor at the top of right corner of screen
  3. Click Settings and a new Settings pane will appear

b)      Start the Refresh Process:

  1. Click “Change PC Settings,” at the bottom of Setting pane
  2. “PC Settings” screen will appear
  3. Click “General” on the left pane
  4. Navigate to the “Refresh Your Pc without Affecting Your Files” option in the General section
  5. Click “Get Started” button
  6. Click Next to proceed with Refresh process
  7. Insert Windows 8 disc or flash drive, if asked. (it depends which media you used for the first installation)
  8. Windows 8 will automatically catch the files when you insert the disc.
  9. Click Refresh button, it will refresh the system. Your computer may restart several times during this process.
  10. If you do not have Windows 8 disc or drive, then you cannot use Refresh tool and click to cancel.

When you are done with Refresh process, restart system and enjoy the fresh feelings using Windows8. Moreover there are some expected happenings that can occur at any stage of refers process. You need to take effective action to avoid any problem.

Once you inserted the Windows 8 disc in the drive, system may restart many times. However, do not press any key if   “Press any key to boot from disc” appears on screen. Because, it will load files from the system hard drive.

  1. You will find an Internet Explorer link called “Removed Apps waiting on your desktop.” Click on it.
  2. A list of Programs will be displayed in the web browser to reinstall.
  3. Select the Programs, you need to reinstall
  4. Reinstall Programs one by one and restart system after every installation

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