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How to Clean Windows 8 Registry

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repair-registry-windows8 In these days internet is buzzing with Windows 8 all over the time. People are buying new PC’s and upgrading their old computers to Windows 8 OS. However, important thing that you should know when you are upgrading to Windows 8 OS “In order to keep your Windows 8 PC performance smooth and fast you have to do the regular maintenance of your PC.” Do not forget it. In regular maintenance, you have to clean the temporary files and folders that are left over during the installation process of Windows 8 apps and desktop software applications. Even, Microsoft Windows 8 is incredibly fast when compared to older versions of Windows but it also need some cleaning and registry repair software to keep its speed fast and stable.

Watch this Video, if you need to know how you can fix Windows 8 registry errors using this free windows 8registry cleaner.

Although cleaning and removing, the unneeded and temporary files can be done by opening temporary files directory and deleting them but there are other things in your system with matters for your computer’s speed and performance. For example, Windows registry. Everything you do on your computer system is stored in Windows registry regardless of the Windows version you are using. Whenever you install an app or software on your Windows 8 system, registry entries are create by Windows 8 and stored in Windows 8 registry. Registry entries are the footprints of everything you do on your Windows 8 computer system. Every installed app or software, surfed website and change you do on your operating system in stored in windows 8 registry. Now you can imagine how many of these registry entries exist in your Windows 8 registry if you consider each and every operation you do on your Windows 8 system.

The problem with the Windows series of operating system is that these registry entries keeps pilling up, and Windows 8 do not have built-in registry cleaner software to delete and clean the ones that are no longer in use. So as the time passes these absolute entries grows up in so huge number that they can now affect the performance of your computer system.

How to clean windows 8 registry

Before I explain, you have to clean your Windows 8 registry, a word of advice: be careful what you are doing if you delete the wrong entry from the Windows registry then it could be disaster’s and results in the corrupting your Windows 8 OS. There are a number of ways for cleaning your Windows 8 registry. You can clean the registry by using the built-in Windows 8 tools or by taking the advantage of the development of registry cleaning software applications by third-party software vendors.

For cleaning registry by Windows 8 build-in tools, you can use Windows 8 registry editor. By opening registry editor, go to run and type “regedit” in it. Registry editor opens on your screen. You can now search for entries in the registry and then can change or delete it. This method of cleaning registry is very difficult. The best way of Windows 8 registry cleaning is by using the registry cleaning software application. Just download and install it on your computer, it will find the invalid keys from your registry and speeds up your Windows 8 PC.


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