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How to Fix Error Code 0x0000005d

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Fix-Windows-Update-ErrorYou must have curiosity to try new Windows 8 but unfortunately passion go away when you find errors in Windows 8 while installing or using it. It does not mean that Windows 8 is not built very well or your system has some problem but it needs little adjustment. Sometimes hardware is not compatible with Windows 8. For errors that arise while using operating system, you must be aware of “How to clean registry” and “How to get rid of viruses. These little things will help you a lot in preventing any potential damages to your System.

If you are installing Windows 8 on a new PC or by virtualization software (i.e; Oracle VM virtual box or VMWare). There are chances that you encounter this error because unlike Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8 is not compatible with all kinds of processor. If you want to install Windows 8, you must have processor that supports “No Execute” features. It has two different names. For, Intel processor its called “Execute Disable (XD)” and for AMD processor “No Execute (NX).”

The error displays like this:fix-error_code_0x0000005D

“Your PC needs to restart.
Please hold down the power button.
Error Code: 0x0000005D

To solve this error try following simple steps:

Go to BIOS, find option ‘Data Execution Prevention’, and enable it. Moreover, enable option called ‘Virtualization Technology (VT)’ feature, in a case; you are trying to install Windows 8 from virtualization software like oracle or VMWare.

How to enable above option

To enter in BIOS, restart computer and on very first screen find a message like this:

‘DEL to enter setup’

‘Press Esc to Enter Setup’

‘BIOS Configuration: F2’

‘F10 to Enter Setup’

Carefully find any message on your screen and press respective key to enter in BIOS.

Once you enter in BIOS setting, go to Advanced Options and select Processor then No Execute Memory Protection, if not, then Security > Options and Select Execute Disable. Change this to ‘Enable’ or ‘On’.

Save changes and Exit Bios Setting if you perform Windows 8 installation in a new PC, otherwise move on to next step

Enable Virtualization Technology (VT) feature

Go to BIOS setting by following above-mentioned steps. Go to Performance options. Change the Virtualization feature to ‘Enable’ or ‘On’. Save changes and Exit BIOS setup. Proceed to next step if your system supports the security feature. This is how you can solve the issue.


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